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NYS Regents

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What Are New York Regents Exams?

In the state of New York, high school students are required to take 5 tests known as the Regents Exams. Students typically take their first Regents exams in their junior year of high school and take the rest before finishing out their senior year. These tests are designed to serve as an exit exam of sorts and ensure graduating students have enough knowledge under their belt to succeed in life and in higher education.

Regents exams test students on their knowledge of English, world history, geography, American history, civics, science, and mathematics. After completing a minimum of 5 Regents exams and receiving a score of 65 or higher on each one, students are awarded a Regents Diploma. This is a prerequisite to high school graduation in New York, except in some special cases.

Why Are Regents Exam Scores Important for Graduating Seniors?

While gaining a minimum score of 65 on each exam is important, shooting for the minimum is dangerous when the ability to graduate high school depends on it. If students fail to effectively prepare for the Regents exam and even score just below 65 on an exam, high school graduation could be postponed until that score is raised. On the other hand, students who far exceed the minimum passing standard can earn a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation. This distinguishes select students and could increase their chances of being admitted to choice colleges and universities.

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Since 2000, Tutor Doctor has been helping test-takers improve their scores, overcome testing anxiety, and use standardized tests as a springboard into the future. Whether you’re worried about passing or trying to achieve Advanced Designation, Tutor Doctor is here to help you prepare. With our experienced team of tutors on your side, you’ll have all the resources and personalized help you need to work on problem areas, improve your score, and walk in confidently on testing day.

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