Private Tutoring in Upper Arlington

Online & In-Home Tutoring Services You Can Afford

Watching your child struggle with a subject isn’t a pleasant sight for any parent and can make you feel helpless. When students experience challenges in school, they need a trusted partner who can support them every step of the way. At Tutor Doctor Northern Columbus, we have accredited private tutors who can provide online or in-home tutoring services for students and adult learners in Upper Arlington.

5 Reasons Our Tutoring is So Successful

With over 20 years of experience, our team has helped students worldwide achieve goals in education and beyond the classroom. In fact, our global team in 15 different countries has tutored over 200,000 students of all ages and backgrounds. While helping students pass tests and get good grades has aided in our success, it is not the reason we are so successful.

We have been able to deliver long-term success because:

  • We match your student with the right tutor.
  • We create a safe space for your student to ask questions and communicate openly.
  • We help your student discover a newfound love for learning.
  • We support your student in establishing positive studying habits and life-long skills.
  • We accommodate your student with a choice of online or in-home tutoring.

We believe students thrive when they feel confident and comfortable, and the team at Tutor Doctor Northern Columbus has a reputation for doing just that. Our affordable private tutoring service provides your student with an accredited professional dedicated to their success. We make sure to develop a custom lesson plan that’s easy to follow and can deliver proven results for better understanding in the classroom.

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Online & In-Home Tutoring for Various Subjects & Exams

With over two decades of experience helping students overcome academic challenges, you didn’t think that was all we did, did you?

At Tutor Doctor Northern Columbus, we know how nerve-racking major exams can be for students and their importance in determining future paths. Our in-home tutoring service in Upper Arlington can prepare your student for an upcoming quiz or major exam.

We teach different techniques to help students stay calm and do their best on test days. Worry can be a significant factor that results in not-so-great test scores. But our test-taking techniques can help put things into perspective and quell anxiety.

ACT/SAT tutoring programs we offer include:

  • 12-hour tutoring – For students looking to focus on one subject, we provide a 12-hour in-home tutoring session to prepare one month from the ACT or SAT.
  • 24-hour tutoring – This option is our most popular, as it provides students with 12 more hours of tutoring time and focuses on another test section of choice.
  • 30-hour tutoring – For students who struggle with test-taking, the 30-hour tutoring option is ideal. We start sessions 3-4 months out, so students feel confident on test day.

Whether your student is ready to apply for their dream school or needs tips on preparing for a major exam coming up, our private online and in-home tutors are ready to help. We will support your student in setting achievable goals and mitigating exam anxiety.

Test preparation is a significant part of our service, but our professional private tutors are also well-versed in helping students with core subjects.

We can provide in-home tutoring for the following subjects:

  • Math tutoring
  • Science tutoring
  • English tutoring
  • Language tutoring
  • ACT/SAT prep
  • ESL tutoring
  • Common core math

The list of academic areas we support your student in is extensive and doesn’t stop here. With over two decades of proven experience, we are ready to help students of all ages, backgrounds, learning styles, and personalities achieve long-lasting academic success.

For more information about our online and in-home tutoring in Upper Arlington, call (614) 333-0850 or request a complimentary consultation online.