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  • Excellent

    Patrick A.
  • Very professional, responsible and punctual

    Diana M.
  • Very honest and nice

    Orlando H.
  • Mrs. Allen is very nice and responsible.

    Wallace X.
  • convenient

    Antonietta C.
  • Convenience

    Julie H.
  • The quality of service and the availability of tutors

    Barbara C.
  • Convenience, flexibility, it is always easy to reach the manager. Easy to resolve issues.

    Jacqueline G.
  • The teachers have been well qualified and knowledgeable in the subject areas requested. The screening has already been done. I like the convenience of paying up front by check so I don't have to keep cash on hand. My daughter has been dong very well with their help.

    Sheila R.
  • The tutor's techniques to teach my daughter and the fact that the block of hours I am paying for are flexible to use.

    MaryAnn D.
  • Very professional and happy with my tutor

    Rosemary R.
  • Very professional yet with a personal touch.

    Rachel W.
  • Our tutor is great!

    Hillary M.
  • The Quality Of the Tutors Is Excellent, As Is The Personal Attention.

    Diane M.
  • professional tutor, punctual, friendly

    Colleen W.
  • Expert help, professionalism and flexibility with scheduling

    Kathleen M.
  • That the Tutor was very punctual , pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable is the subject

    Lisa V.
  • The one on one setting & the tutors experience

    Florence A.
  • reliability of quality service

    Adrienne K.
  • I like that my daughter received 1 on 1 attention in the private setting of our home. I also like the tutor's feasibility in accommodating her schedule to ensure that my daughter's sessions were met.

    Andrea W.
  • Prompt, courteous, excellent customer service and student placement with qualified tutor. We are very satisfied and will refer many friends to your Tutor Doctor franchise. Best, Amy and John Morse

    Amy M.
  • The tutor was very well qualified in the academics he was hired for, in addition, to being personable and caring.

    Diane T.
  • I truly enjoyed how I was able to have consistent contact with Michael and my daughter's tutor, Sharon. Sharon IS truly a part of my family and was a perfect match for my daughter. She kept me posted on every step of my daughter's learning and progress. I would highly recommend her and this organization to everyone! See you next year!! Ebonique

    Ebonique M.
  • The tutor was matched to my child's academic needs. I was ver happy with the choices of plans that were offered

    Sharon S.
  • Knowledgeable and friendly tutors

    Jean E.
  • Timely response. Quality service.

    Carol K.
  • My son's tutor is awesome....what a great match!

    Angelina S.
  • Professional, accommodating & courteous

    Brenda P.
  • The fit between tutor and student was customized and perfect. They couldn't have made a better match. Mrs k is outstanding. Caring, compassionate and on target. She supplements the homework and makes learning fun. I would recommend tutor doctor and mrs k to anyone however I don't want to share her. MS

    Marc S.
  • I am very impressed with tutor doctor. The perfect tutor was matched for my daughter.

    Lenore J.
  • The flexibility of scheduling and the tutor traveling to my home

    Jasmine F.
  • Great people great service.

    Crystal H.
  • you do not treat us like clients but as normal people with problems that you are helping to solve. I really appreciate that.

    Rowena M.
  • Tutors matched very well to needs of student Tutors very responsive and professional

    Linda F.
  • Tutor Doctor work with you until you are comfortable with the Tutor that suits your kid's needs.

    Meena J.
  • That you can change tutors easily if it doesn't work out with one particular tutor or if your needs change.

    Tricia S.
  • How easy it was and how quickly you sent an excellent qualified , professional tutor

    Laura B.
  • I like the personal attention to the students and their needs.

    Donna C.
  • The tutor and the student interacts on a one to one basis.

    Mark B.
  • The flexibility,, convenience, and that my son does not complain when his tutor comes over.

    Annette M.
  • I like the personalized service. Mike has a tutor for every need.

    Carol D.
  • Very accommodating with schedules and student's needs

    Cherri M.
  • Everyone is great and it makes learning enjoyable

    Connie G.
  • The quality of the tutors selected for my daughter were excellent. A great job done with great results! I would use Tutor Doctor again.

    Melita C.
  • Really helps the student with the problem they are experiencing. In our particular situation my daughter has a bettef understanding of her Math problems which was holding her down academically in this subject

    Lucy A.
  • Quality of the tutors as well as flexibility in utilizing your bank of hours. More importantly the end result. My son has seen dramatic increases in his grades.

    Patrick T.
  • Home tutoring, caring, knowledgeable tutors, excellent customer service from Michael Warshawsky, Education Consultant.

    Joy F.
  • The tutor has been very good with my son. He is also very good on knowing where my son needs the most help.

    Lina G.
  • The tutor comes to the home to provide (face to face) tutorials and I get immediate feedback on my son performance.

    Michele G.
  • very accomadating

    Maria K.
  • easy and my daughter became so much mare confident in math no more tears! and great tutors Loralynn was the best!!!!

    Kay T.
  • my son got a great teacher who was very responsible and useful. the owner, Michael and the tutor where very kind and supportive, and at the end they helped my son achieve his ultimate goal of getting into the honors class in middle school.

    Nini L.
  • Personal scheduling, one on one tutoring

    Tracey S.
  • Yes

    Pushpa R.
  • The tutors are reliable, most importantly my children understand them.

    Amory S.
  • Customer service and satisfaction is a 100% priority and the right fit is just as important. The first tutor didnt not meet my high schooler's needs. I was impressed when Tutor Doctor quickly introduced us to another tutor who worked more efficiently and effectively with my son.

    Karen S.
  • 1) The initial introduction and explantion of how the program works. 2) Excellent choice of tutor to match my child's personality and temperament. 3) Price, flexibility of tutor structure (meet one day a week but meet 3 times right before major exam)

    Nading G.
  • It is convient and so far it seems to be helping.

    Nancy M.
  • tutor doctor has been very understanding and accomodating when placing a tutor with my children

    Beth G.
  • I like the ability to mix and match tutors for different subjects and the personal attention given to the student.

    Nancy R.
  • Tutor doctor was not only there when i needed them the most but was also sensitive to my particular needs. My tutor was available even through the hurricane! She was not only professional but helped me bring out the best of my writing abilities. Thank you Tutor Doctor

    Krystle S.
  • Convenient and great service

    Ola B.
  • Claire is a pleasure to work with.

    Susan M.
  • Personalized service

    Odalis M.
  • quality tutors and quick responsiveness to changes.

    John H.
  • all the tutors have been nice and knowledgeable

    Susan H.
  • Tutor was on time. Instructions are taught well and easily understood. I would recommend highly.

    Patricia D.
  • The convenience of having the tutors come to my house was important. I was able to see the type of work my children were doing and how they interacted with the tutors

    Marie M.
  • Great Tutors and flexible schedules

    George F.
  • Very professional, reliable. Constant communication is appreciated

    Angela J.
  • Guaranteed teacher placement and 'fit' with student

    Helen W.
  • Tutors are very personable and put my son at ease.

    Gail K.
  • Great tutor with positive energy!

    Shannon M.
  • I used tutor doctor for both of my children. We had great tutors for both children. My children really looked forward to their session because they were there perfect matches for them. It’s a wonderful service.

    Maria k, Melville ny
  • Very good tutoring for college calculus!

    Therese W.
  • The services are very flexible and very patient for my two year daughter. My daughter (Julianna) learn a great deal from the teacher (Jill). I will recommend tutor doctor to a friend or business associate.

    Beatriz R.
  • Convenience hiring a tutor without having to interview on my own.

    Kelly F.
  • Our tutor was excellent. I have already referred.

    Dorit B.
  • Tutor is very flexible and punctual. Love that she comes to my house!

    Kelly C.
  • Very professional & prompt. Tutors are very patient & thorough. I would highly recommend.

    Rosemary O.
  • I like that we have the option to request another tutor if the first one does not work out and I like that I did not have to hunt for a person with the qualifications that i wanted. Tutor Doctor did that.

    Stephanie B.
  • They work with you. Tutors are educated and know what they talking about.

    John M.
  • Tutor doctor has helped my son effectively. My son's tutor always makes his timing the easiest for my family.

    Ferdausi N.
  • The attention and patience of your dedicated staff. I'm hoping for more teaching as he gets older. A special thanks to Ms Sharon.

    Ariane A.
  • Finding a tutor compatible with my son's multiple needs.

    John Q.
  • The ability of your firm to adjust to our children's educational needs. Both the Latin and Japanese tutors are excellent, as has our experience with others you have provided in past years, in the majority. We appreciate your efforts which has resulted in our children's understanding of subject matter, increasing their grades. I fully endorse your services.

    Richard S.
  • The open communication between all parties involved. It's been a very relaxed and positive experience so far.

    Simone P.
  • I am very pleased with my daughter's tutor. She is very professional and she presents the material in a way that really makes my daughter think and ask questions to draw her own conclusions rather than simply just giving her the answer. I also like the concept of purchasing blocks of tutor time.

    Dionne D.
  • The organization is very responsive. When a child did not gel with a particular tutor, another better fit was found.

    Michael H.