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Tutor Doctor Lakeway’s English Language Arts STAAR course is a web-based learning system that combines powerful diagnostic reading assessment with comprehensive, supplemental reading instruction for students. Designed with students in mind, Tutor Doctor Lakeway’s ELA STAAR begins with an online diagnostic reading assessment and then places students in lessons with explicit instruction and practice in grammer, decoding, phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension strategies.

Throughout each personalized reading course, Tutor Doctor Lakeway’s ELA STAAR course provides explicit instruction across difficult concepts via animations, songs, and graphics. The step-by-step teaching of word decoding and phonological skills is designed to help students overcome deficiencies in the processing of text. Students feel engaged with content as they learn each skill and seize opportunities to prove their knowledge during gamified instructional quizzes. The program provides direct instructional feedback for incorrect answers during practice sessions, so students can understand why an answer is incorrect and practice the right steps. Learn more about the STAAR ELA Course.

Description Unit Price
STARR Math Test Prep $275.00
STARR English Test Prep $275.00
Registration Fee* $25


  • Assessment with Instruction
  • Appropriate for K-12 students who have K-6 foundational reading needs
  • Valid for 1 year from purchase date or whenever student completes his or her personalized course
  • Supplemental instruction uses high-interest, age-appropriate learning aids such as songs, videos, and games.
  • Lessons use a wide variety of student-friendly passages, including hard to find high-interest/low-readability materials
  • Personalized up to 60 lessons per course. The Exact number of lessons may vary depending on the needs of each individual student.
  • Cost: $500, plus registration fee – $25.

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