Professional, Customized and Local Tutoring Services in Devine

Meet the Owners of Tutor Doctor Kerrville – Devine

Meet Nancy and Clay

undefinedHello! We are Nancy and Clay Briscoe. We are excited to bring tutoring services to our more rural and ranching areas that include Kerrville, Comfort, Bandera, Hondo, Castroville, Lytle, Natalia, and Devine. We have been residents in this area for more than 30 years. We raised our three children on the ranch and watched them grow and successfully (eventually) navigate through their educational process. But, there were many times when we would have really enjoyed educational support from a knowledgeable tutor service. We believe we can bring that service to the area and create additional local jobs while we meet those needs in the community.

Nancy received her Education degree with a Minor in English from Angelo State University and has demonstrated a passion for education. She began as a certified educator in San Antonio Texas and then moved to Devine Texas and joined that education team. As a devoted teacher and mom, Nancy has enjoyed improving the lives of people around her through education services. Nancy understands that when students struggle academically, the stress of not understanding or keeping up with the class can be crippling! Over time, this will lead to a complete loss in confidence both in and out of the classroom.

Clay’s passion for mentoring and developing people was a huge part his corporate career. He received his Computer Science degree, with a minor in Mathematics from Angelo State University and has led successful teams through major projects and strategic initiatives for very large Engineering and Construction companies. He believes anyone can achieve their goals and dreams with a positive attitude, hard work, and having a strong support network around you. This means not only choosing a team that complemented his strengths, but also by mentoring others to help them achieve their professional goals. He has always loved teaching and mentoring. So, when the opportunity came along to open a Tutor Doctor office, he jumped at the chance to offer this very important resource to parents and students.

Tutor Doctor partners with teachers and parents to become the support network students need to succeed in an increasingly competitive world. We are committed to providing supplemental academic support to students based on their individual needs and open a world of options beyond the classroom. We look forward to getting to know you and the opportunity to see how we can help.