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  • Preparing for College
    Preparing for College

    A student's high school transcript plays a key role in college acceptance. It's important to form and maintain good study habits in high school that will also help prepare and benefit students in college. While many students can navigate the increasingly ...

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  • What is an IEP and when is it needed?
    What is an IEP and when is it needed? IEP

    What is an IEP plan? An Individual Education Program (IEP) is a written legal document or plan that includes specific goals and guidelines designed to help a child with a disability overcome obstacles and assisting students in making progress and ...

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  • Effective Note Taking: Cornell Method
    Effective Note Taking: Cornell Method

    Many note-taking techniques exist, but the Cornell note-taking system appears to be one of the most effective methods of all. An individual doesn't have to be a technical genius to apply this technique. All he or she needs is a simple piece of notepaper ...

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