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Best ACT Test Tips

Student to Take ACT Test

Confident Student Ready to Take ACT Test

Hello ACT Test Takers! The date of your ACT test is rapidly approaching. We want to remind you of several important things as you prepare for the day so below are our best ACT Test Tips.

If you don’t read any further, at least read this: 3 MOST IMPORTANT MUSTS:

ARRIVE ON TIME WITH PROPER ID AND TICKET, BRING A PERMITTED CALCULATOR AND DON’T WEAR A WATCH WITH AN ALARM OR ONE THAT MAKES SOUNDS. You will be dismissed from the test and your answers will be discarded for arriving late and/or not having a proper ID and documentation, using a prohibited calculator or your watch making sounds during the test (one of our student’s watch alarm went off in the middle of the test).

Other Tips:

The Day Before the Test

  • Take a break from studying. Yes – you heard right. Don’t study the day or night before the test. You need to give yourself time to relax and for your brain to rest. Cramming is not going to help.
  • Eat a good dinner and go to bed on time. The night before is not a time to stay out late with your friends.
  • Review where your test center is and if it is unfamiliar, plan your route out. You have to arrive at the test center early or on time and relaxed. Admission will denied if you arrive late, even if it was caused by traffic, you ran out of gas, you couldn’t find it, etc.
  • Gather everything you need for the test day
    • ACT Admission Ticket: If you did not receive it through the mail or email, go into your ACT Web Account and print one out. You won’t be admitted without it.
    • Identification: You must show an acceptable form of ID in order to be admitted. You can use a current government ID (driver’s license for example). A school ID is acceptable if it is hard plastic. All IDs must have your picture and your first and last names must match. More info on IDs:
    • Pencils: bring several sharpened, soft lead #2 pencils with good erasers (no mechanical pencils or pens). The essay will also be completed using pencil. You can also bring a manual pencil sharpener in case your site doesn’t have one.
    • Watch: bring a watch to pace yourself. However, make sure your watch does not have an alarm. You will be dismissed if your watch alarm goes off.
    • Calculator: Check to make sure your calculator is permitted:
    • Don’t bring: textbooks, scratch paper, highlighters, electronic devices other than approved calculator, reading material.

The Day of the Test

  • Dress: Dress comfortably and in layers – the room may be hot or cold.
  • Breakfast: Eat a good breakfast with lots of protein to keep you full. Don’t rely on energy drinks to keep you going.
  • Food: Bring snacks or drinks to consume outside the test room during breaks. You cannot eat or drink during the test.
  • Arrive on Time: Report to the testing center at the time indicated on your ticket. Remember – you won’t be admitted if you are late.
  • Confidence: You have prepped and know your stuff. DO YOUR BEST!

Good Luck!

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