Summer Reading Challenge

Tutor Doctor Kansas City North

School May Pause for the Summer but Learning Never Stops

Challenge Happening all summer long!

June 10 - August 31

Can you be a Tutor Doctor Super Star? Join the challenge and aim to read for 20 minutes a day through the summer! Register for our Summer Reading Challenge to get up-to-date information about our challenge and suggested book lists for our summer readers. Click Here to Download the Flyer.

All participants must register and will now have the option to write book reports instead of recording weekly minutes!

Book Review Form

  • For upper-level students to submit their book reports.
  • Readers need to average 1 Book Review Form per week to qualify for the iPad mini drawing.

Weekly Reading Minutes Submission

  • For families with younger readers who will need to record their weekly reading minutes. Reading to your child counts!
  • For the minutes submission, readers need to average 20 minutes/day throughout the summer to be qualified for the ipad mini.

Register Now

Grand Prize

Keep up with your reading and be entered for a chance to win an ipad Mini!

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