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Meet the Owner/Team

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    Alejandro Viramontes


    Alejandro has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to learning and understanding human behavior and how the mind works. He is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and has worked with different multinational companies and in different countries where he has had the opportunity to coach and collaborate with people from different cultures and areas of expertise, adding value and evoking transformation in their life.

    His goal with Tutor Doctor Kalamazoo - Portage is to make a positive impact in the community by helping students and families overcome the academic challenges they are going through, and to build up their confidence and their motivation for learning.

    He has been able to create a powerful team of very diverse Academic coaches with strong expertise who day-by-day give their best with their student's success in mind.

  • Trenton Jandris


    Hello! I am Trenton Jandris, and I am a senior at Western Michigan University. I plan to graduate with a major in Behavioral Science and continue my education with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I live in Kalamazoo with my wife and our cat Lux. We love playing board games, cooking, and going on hikes, although Lux finds her own way to disrupt these activities when she needs some more attention! I have been tutoring privately for two years now, and I specialize in science and math subjects. It is my goal when tutoring to not only help students with difficult subjects, but also to empower them with the tools they need to help themselves in the future.

  • Sandra Zukowski

    Sandra Zukowski


    I continue to be attracted to working in one-on-one environments where I can learn more about the world through the eyes of another person. Currently I go to people's homes or meet them in public places to notarize documents for them, as a Notary Public, and help them with their real estate transactions, as a Notary Signing Agent. At the same time, I host a variety of people in my Airbnb close to downtown Kalamazoo. I have hosted people from all over the world and have helped dozens of people integrate into our community as they move here to work. In the warmer months in Michigan, I also give horseback riding lessons and train to facilitate Equine Assisted Learning sessions for people who are seeking self-improvement with the assistance of the powerful energy field the horse brings to the process. These gigs are all in alignment with my teacher preparation in English and Communication at Western Michigan University 37 years ago.