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SAT/ACT Prep In Mt. Juliet

Tutor Doctor Hendersonville & Mount Juliet SAT® Prep Tutoring

Helping Mt. Juliet Students Improve Their SAT Exam Scores

At Tutor Doctor Hendersonville & Mount Juliet, we’re proud to help Mt. Juliet students succeed in the classroom and beyond, and it shows. That’s why 95% of our customers recommend us! Many of our students come to us specifically for SAT coaching, and our private test prep experts at Tutor Doctor Hendersonville & Mount Juliet are ready to meet the challenge with more than just drilling vocabulary or teaching math skills. Our private tutors aren’t only academic coaches; they also help students learn better pacing, goal setting, and teach students how to manage anxiety.

While college entrance tests like the SAT or ACT are standardized, our test prep is anything but. Our techniques for SAT preparation involve multiple steps that are proven to refine skills and boost experience in test-taking.

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Our Approach to Standardized Test Prep

Students are all custom-matched with an exceptional test prep coach, and our staff takes great care in matching students with their tutor. We take into account their learning style, academic goals, and make sure the two have compatible personalities.

We prepare students for taking the SAT by doing the following:

  • Complimentary test prep consultation: The tutor custom matched to be paired with your student will come to your home on your schedule for a consultation. We will make a targeted plan so your student will feel confident about how and when to begin preparing for the SAT and/or ACT and when to sit for their first exam.
  • One-on-one private tutoring: Once we’ve gathered the necessary information about your student’s academic strengths and weaknesses, we will assess their goals and time constraints to recommend a level-headed plan aligning with their needs. That may include 1:1 private tutoring, small group classes, or online tutoring options.
  • Proven curriculum: For the 15 years Tutor Doctor has been an authority in private tutoring, we’ve refined our approach to entrance exams preparation. Our workbook-based curriculum is an approachable guide for pupils. In this guide, students will be able to practice on full-length practice exams for at-a-glance analytics to keep a pulse on their progress.

How to be Prepared for the SAT Test

Standardized exams like the SAT are reviewed by college admissions panels as part of the entire package when assessing the strengths of a prospective university student. Most colleges or universities across the nation require students to submit SAT scores along with their application, including their high school grades, a resume, an essay, and recommendations. The SAT is designed to measure the “aptitude,” or readiness of a student. Each section of the SAT is scored on a scale between 200 and 800, and then the 2 scores are added together for a score total between 400 and 1600.

Two sections are scored in the SAT, as well as an optional essay:

Math: One section permits the use of the calculator, while the other does not. The Math tests focus on 4 specific content areas: algebra, problem-solving and data analysis, advanced math, and additional math topics. Each area focuses on the foundations of problem-solving, pattern and structure recognition, and more.
Reading and writing: This test measures reading comprehension skills and tests grammar and editorial skills. The reading test has 5 passages with authentic texts from published sources with passages from either literary fiction, history, social science, or natural science. Two of the passages include graphs, charts, tables, or other pictographic information. The writing test contains 4 passages with questions and asks students to correct grammatical errors and to revise passages to develop further ideas. Students must be prepared with knowledge of sentence and paragraph organization and effective use of language.
Optional essay: The essay portion is not required, but a strong score can make up for shortcomings in other parts of the test. Students are presented with an argument and must analyze it effectively and in an insightful manner. This essay is graded one 3 levels, including reading, writing, and analysis, and two readers score each component on a 1-4 scale, and the scores are then combined for a possible score of 8/8/8 (a perfect score).

The Tutor Doctor Difference

Tutor Doctor began we wanted to do more than just provide basic private tutoring sessions that serve as another classroom, but provide personalized tutoring that takes into consideration each student’s unique learning and test taking style to empower Mt. Juliet students to achieve their full potential. This approach sets Tutor Doctor Hendersonville & Mt. Juliet apart in an educational industry that often falls into conformity. We are committed to innovation, like providing 100% online tutoring for our changing times, and our focus on work ethic has ensured our techniques are continually successful and effective for students.

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  • 12 Hours

    Recommended For:

    • Students want to focus on 1 section,
    • Received acceptable scores but want to improve,
    • Have busy schedules or little prep time,
    • Have less than 1 month until their exam date.

    Packages Includes:

    • Continuous online support
    • Customized online quizzes
    • Accurate scores & results
    • Progress reports in your inbox
  • 30 Hours

    Recommended For:

    • Students who struggle with test taking strategies,
    • Have never taken either the SAT; or ACT,
    • Need in-depth reviews of all sections,
    • Have at least 3-4 months until their test date.

    Packages Includes:

    • Continuous online support
    • Customized online quizzes
    • Accurate scores & results
    • Progress reports in your inbox