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If you’re a student – or yourself – is struggling with mathematics, you’ve come to the right place. Out of all the subjects, math tends to be one of the hardest for students to grasp and continually gets noted as student’s least favorite subjects.

At Tutor Doctor Hendersonville & Mount Juliet, we offer private in-home and online tutoring sessions to help your or your student learn to love learning. The tutors we work within Mt. Juliet have the experience and knowledge to assist in a variety of subjects, including math.

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Common Struggles with Mathematics

It’s not uncommon to hear students struggle or complain they hate math. Although this tends to be commonplace, there can be quite a few factors the contribute this to. From some students believing the subject is boring to a lack of confidence in their skills, our private tutoring services work to uncover these challenges and works on strengthening their current skill set – while learning new ones to help them achieve.

  • Math Anxiety – When it comes to math, it can inflict quite a bit of anxiety and stress onto a student. Either from a lack of confidence in their skills or a hatred for the subject, the tutors we work with can help instill confidence and establish learning math as an exciting and engaging activity.
  • Knowledge Gaps – Unlike other subjects, math continually builds onto itself. From algebra to calculus, all math is connected and relies on basic mathematical foundations. If these foundations are absent, your student will continue to fall behind. We take the time to fill these knowledge gaps to help your student succeed!
  • Learning Style – Whether your student in a visual or auditory learner or struggles with a learning disability, our private tutoring services are designed to uncover these challenges and create a learning plan that is designed to work with your student’s unique styles and needs.

No matter the struggles your student has when it comes to tackling the world of mathematics, we’re confident that the private tutors we work with can create a personalized lesson plan that is designed to help them achieve their current academic goals – math and beyond!

Math Tutoring Services

No matter where your student is in their math journey, our tutoring services can help. From elementary math to trigonometry, the tutors we work with can do it all.

Some of the specific math subjects our tutors specialize in include:

  • Elementary Math
  • Pre-Algebra, Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Trigonometry
  • Senior Math
  • Functions & Advanced Functions
  • Data Management
  • Foundations
  • Apprenticeship & Workplace Math
  • AP Courses

The private tutors we work within Mt. Juliet continue to provide professional and reliable tutoring services both in-person and online. We make it convenient to get the tutoring services your student needs to help them achieve and reach their full potential, inside and outside of the classroom.

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The Tutor Doctor Difference

At , we understand that tutoring services are more than just providing an extras classroom for students. Instead, we take a personalized approach to tutoring services to provide customized solutions that not only help with your student’s current curriculum but also help build on useful skills like positive studying habits and time management.

Some of the reasons why we are chosen over the competition include:

  • Hand-Picked Tutor – Through our consultations, we will discover the tutoring preferences you or your student may have. We learn these so we can hand-pick and match your student with a specific tutor that complements your student’s unique style.
  • Personalized Solutions – Everything down to the lesson plan is personalized for your student. The tutors we work with are dedicated to creating a custom plan to help your student achieve – then exceed – their academic goals.
  • Progress Reports – Our friendly support team will send your regularly updated progress reports so you can stay up to date on your student’s success and academic journey.
  • Useful Skills – Not only do our lesson plans to take your student’s current educational curriculum into account, but it also helps your student learn beneficial skills such as time or project management.

Whether you’re looking for online or in-home tutoring services, we can help. At Tutor Doctor Hendersonville & Mount Juliet, we take the time and care to learn about your student’s unique needs and struggles with math. Give us a call today to schedule your complimentary consultation, so your student can start their journey to achieve their academic goals.

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