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thinking caps are not one size fits all. that’s why our tutors are custom fit to your child!
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  • Teaching study skills as well as organizational skills.
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Is your student struggling to grasp academic concepts? One-on-one tutoring has been shown to have a profound effect on special needs students who are yet to find academic success. At Tutor Doctor Hawaii, we can give your child the tools and personalized guidance needed to become an independent learner and grow in confidence. We match your student with a handpicked tutor who will work with you to create the right educational framework for academic success now and later in life.

When investing in your student’s academic future, choose a program recommended and trusted by more than 95% of the people who have tried it. Tutor Doctor Hawaii was created 15 years ago to provide personalized tutoring services designed around a student’s unique learning style, challenges, and underlying issues. Since then, we’ve helped more than 200,000 people find academic success. Call our tutors today!

5 Great Apps for Students with Special Needs

  • Coughdrop For Verbally Impaired

    For nonverbal or verbally-impaired children, communication can be extremely difficult. The Coughdrop app allows kids to communicate by touching the screen! These types of apps have been known to dramatically improve the speech abilities of autistic kids.

  • Choiceworks For Socializing & Scheduling

    Many children with special needs have a hard time sitting still and expressing their feelings. Choiceworks provide visual cues to help them do both of these things!

  • Unstuck For ADHD

    Kids with ADHD tend to getting mentally “stuck.” This app uses behavioral therapy principles to steer the user away from unhealthy thinking, all the while helping put words to feelings.

  • Simplemind For ADHD

    This app is very big on mind mapping. Mind mapping has shown great promise in helping people with ADHD bring order to their thoughts and feelings to get stuff done.

  • Ghotit Writer For Dyslexia

    This helps you read with text-to-speech technology, and helps you write by a spelling and grammar check that predicts the word you’re looking for!

Experience the Tutor Doctor Difference

It’s more than just the academics. We teach organizational & time management skills that will result in the academic success of your child!

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95% of our clients would recommend us to others!

  • “I like the whole process especially the avenues in which you match the tutor with the child/adult. I think the process works great because it eliminates the wrong fit.” -Latisha P.
  • “I like how personalized it is. She is working with me and the teacher to make sure we are filling in any holes in his learning.” -Sarah F.
  • “The house calls, and the personal match up with the tutors” -Rudolph J.
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We are the leaders in academic guidance.

Opening doors by opening minds.

At Tutor Doctor, we believe that a strong tutor-student relationship is the key to academic success. Our in-depth assessments ensure that our students are matched with a handpicked tutor who aligns with his or her personality, learning style, and academic goals. What’s more, our tutors will travel to students—wherever they are, at a time that works best. We are committed to helping our students unlock their full academic potential in a wide range subjects. Whether the goal is to ensure our student gets the grades to attend the college of his or her choice, or they want to improve confidence in the classroom, we can help. We offer free, no-obligation consultations to get you started, so call us today – you have nothing to lose!

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Common Questions

  • Q&A What can I expect from a session?

    The tutor will work with you closely on understanding the subject where you need assistance. This time can be used to ensure you build a foundation of the subject, as well as review homework, build study habits, focus on time management and organizational skills, or get ahead of the class. Our tutors will work with you to develop a program that works best to fit your needs and learning style.

  • Q&A Who are the tutors?

    Our tutors come from a variety of backgrounds, including former and current teachers, professionals from a wide variety of disciplines, and others who may have specific expertise in the subject area. The two things they all have in common is that they are experts in their respective academic subjects and they are passionate about helping students succeed.

  • Q&A Will I get the same tutor every time?

    Yes. From our initial consultation, we choose the most suitable tutor for you based on your academic needs, personality, and schedule. We believe that having a perfectly matched tutor will allow you to meet your goals, which is why that tutor will be assigned to you for the duration of the enrollment.

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We are dedicated to your academic success. That's why our Money Back Guarantee states that if you are not happy with our service, we will change your tutor in order to find a better match.

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