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  • I just wanted to let know that Elias has been a huge help to Val. He feels comfortable &enjoys his sessions with him, and his marks have improved! Elias is a polite, approachable and knowledgeable young man and we feel fortunate that he is Val's tutor!

    Sylvia J.
  • Last year, we made the decision to homeschool our son for Grade 3 and we chose Tutor Doctor to implement and create a program for him. We are amazed at the successes he is having. We can't say enough about the difference we see in him - we knew he had it in him but I think even we are astounded as to the extent of his abilities! If providing our endorsement can help even one other family ...

    Steve & Christine
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  • I just want to say thank you because of your chemistry teacher (for my Son) understand very well and he get 95 in his test. We are glad that we choose you for our kids.

  • We’re very happy that our son is getting better in understanding Math concepts and becoming more confident at applying them. Getting Priyancee to be his tutor was a great choice. Priyancee is a great tutor and she’s dedicated to teaching. She is also very punctual and consistent. Thank you for your help in finding the right tutor and for your support, we are very grateful!

  • Kalen got a 97% on his test!!

    Lisa P.
  • The whole process from first assessment to the match was very strong. We had been looking for a qualified science tutor for 2 years before I came across your services. Was worth every penny - saved headaches and stress in our home that is frankly priceless.

    Shoshana A
  • Our tutor Kelsey is doing a great job with my daughters. We feel that they are really learning well and so do our kids. I like the daily feedback. I appreciate the prompt responses and the professionalism by Michael, Nicole and Kelsey. Thanks for the great service!

    Sonia M
  • Professional, knowledgeable, competent tutors and staff. Company that aims to meet each student's individual needs and helps him or her to thrive in his or her learning.

    Teresa C
  • I love our tutor! Tutor doctor always works with our schedule. They are extremely accommodating and set us up with a perfect match. We will continue to benefit from their services for years to come. Thank you.

    Liz B
  • The whole process from first assessment to the match was very strong. We had been looking for a qualified science tutor for 2 years before I came across your services. Was worth every penny - saved headaches and stress in our home that is frankly priceless.

    Shoshana A
  • Reliable, professional, and punctual.

    Randa M.
  • I love our tutor! Tutor doctor always works with our schedule. They are extremely accommodating and set us up with a perfect match. We will continue to benefit from their services for years to come. Thank you!

    Liz B.
  • Professionalism, speed of response to appointment requests, adaptability to clients' schedules, skill, knowledge, expertise, and communication skills of tutors. We appreciate how our son's tutor meets his learning needs and how he does so with great patience.

    Teresa C.
  • I like the availability and the quick responses. Our tutor is fantastic.

    Mattia C.
  • Excellent service and great tutors

    Maria K.
  • Very cooperative. Very informative and very responsible. Vanessa was very happy and she gained quite a bit of knowledge. She applied what she learned to her SAT testing and she did very well. She is very happy with the outcome. Thank you all very much for your help. We would definitely recommend tutor doctor. Thank you again.

    Lil C.
  • How friendly the tutor is. How comfortable she makes my daughter feel when she is teaching her.

    Jen F.
  • I like everything about the service. Our tutor Andrea works around our schedule and my sons learning style. He actually likes to learn and is improving in reading. I really like the fact that she plays games that keeps him active but still learning.

    Charlene N.
  • Very good service and responsive to client's needs. It's a bit expensive but worth it.

    Roxanne P.
  • The individual attention is wonderful. I feel that my daughter has benefited greatly from the custom learning plan.

    Denise M.
  • Flexibility in setting up appointments, Diversity of Tutors Available, Professional and most of all that the appointments are done in the home. LOVE Tutor Doctor

    Tammy B.
  • Good services, on time, love it...

    Michelle M.
  • I like that the tutor works one-on-one with my child, that the tutoring session can be structured to what we need at that time (ex. study for a particular test that is coming up), and that the tutor comes to our house.

    Lisa D.
  • Flexibility, in home where parent is immediately accessible and can monitor if necessary. Tutor is knowledgeable on grade criteria and sets realistic goals to achieve them.

    Laura M.
  • Talented individuals. Very good service and very open feedback given to my son during his tutoring. We are very pleased with the service and the individuals.

    Michael C.
  • Quick service; opportunity to review goals ahead of time.

    Ingrid M.
  • I would highly recommend Tutor Doctor. My sons many challenges with behavioral issues have impacted his learning and therefor put him behind to the extent that my 11 year old is aware that he is not where he should be in grade level. Within a month of having Tutor Doctor Tristan has received two class awards in both reading and math. The reports I receive regarding learning plans and his progress ...

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  • The reports we are receiving from Celeste are superb and the improvement in the marks has been wonderful

    Brenda L.
  • The Tutor is fantastic working with my daughter and very knowledge about the material. Use different approaches and is able to address her anxiety. Tutor is flexible to meet with our child's busy schedule. Perfect match for our daughter's needs

    Marylena A.
  • Always have wonderful tutors in a variety of fields. Conscientious and thorough

    Sima A.
  • The Tutor works with my child's interest to keep him motivated to learning!

    Molly G.
  • Convenience of meeting in home. One on one with student.

    Amanda D.
  • Friendly, polite and efficient

    Maria M.
  • One on one tutor, you come to our home, the hours do not expire and can be used as we need, flexibility of evenings/hours available, professional tutor

    Nicki J.
  • How my Tutor simplified Math, to my understanding.

    David W.
  • Excellent tutor

    Ann M.
  • The tutors are very helpful and accommodating to the level of learning for each student. As well, I feel comfortable to ask any questions and to let the tutor know when I don't understand.

    David L.
  • Great services

    Opal J.
  • Brook Lynn our foster daughter has been working with Arrianna- she is fantastic she communicates well with us about Brook Lynn's progress she is very organized and has helped Brook Lynn progress a lot we appreciate everything she has done for her.

    Jill B.
  • Personable. Dedicated. Accurate. Detailed.

    Debra W.
  • The customized schedule and personal one on one time, very structured and professional!

    Brenda L.
  • Very professional. Service with excellence.

    Angie K.
  • This year was his tutor's themselves.

    Sara H.
  • My son's grades have increased by one whole grade level. He enjoys and looks forward to Mary coming over every week and is upset if he has to miss a week!

    Sarah K.
  • I liked that a tutor came to my house. With 3 kids, it made it easy to have a tutor to come to my home

    Kim G.
  • In-home service. Ability to find replacements when my tutor is not available.

    Vivian L.
  • Tutor is very knowledgeable and professional, gets right to work upon arrival and has a pleasant personality

    T L.
  • Availability of tutors to work around our schedule. Reports on progress sent promptly. Communication from head office.

    Mike M.
  • I like that our daughter is in the comfort of her own home and she really likes her tutor (Mary), they did a great job setting her up with someone she can relate to.

    Vanessa F.
  • The flexibility to work around my children's schedule was very important. The level of knowledge the tutors had on the subject was perfect. Tutor Doctor was willing to work with me to find the right tutor.

    Chris S.
  • Coming to the house, flexible hours, friendly service, flexible material

    Agnes B.
  • Very efficient, pleasant staff to work with and very accommodating. However, my daughter did not do well as well as we hoped in the subjects she needed help with. Her marks do not meet the requirements she needed to get into the science program she applied for. Thank you for your help

    Paula J.
  • Convenient and good

    Tanzeem A.
  • We were able to get a tutor asap

    Nancy J.
  • My daughter is very happy with her tutor

    Tamila D.
  • You come to the home. We are very very happy with Sarah Drake, she is knowledgeable in all aspects and connects well with my daughter. She is punctual, happy, accommodating and comfortable to be around which makes learning easier. We would definitely recommend her and your service.

    Jeanette I.
  • My son's tutor (Christina Pierre) is wonderful! She's patient, kind and very helpful to him. Having the flexibility of days/times for her to come to the house has been is very busy, and not having to have fixed days & times, or have to drive him to another location makes this a much easier endeavor.

    Catherine N.
  • My daughter has always struggled with Math. She never wanted to talk about Math or school. Now she's comfortable, confident and excited to report her marks and now she says she doesn't feel that anxiety or lump in her chest that makes it hard to breath or makes her want to cry before a test. That anxiety is now non-existent. I can hear her with her tutor laughing. She finds her lessons enjoyable.

    Karen S.
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  • The tutoring from what I see so far has been very good. My daughter is improving and has a much better understanding of her math from week to week. Very professional service.

    Paul C.
  • Very professional and customer focused, offering excellent tutors

    Brent W.
  • Prompt response and quality of personnel provided

    Beena C.
  • Charlotte was fantastic. Very committed and engaged in my learning. A fantastic tutor I'd strongly recommend who has made a real difference. Thank you.

    Mike & Matt C.
  • My daughter was matched with a great tutor. She gave good advice with my daughters test phobias as well as good math techniques. My daughter was failing her data course at the beginning of the semester and ended up passing the course because we got a great tutor in time.

    Dianna B.
  • I am very happy with the service we received. I feel my son was matched with the perfect tutors for each subject. We have already recommended Tutor Doctor to another family and they are equally satisfied with the results.

  • The Tutor we have is very friendly and my daughter likes her. My daughter is very shy and really won't speak up and say what her problem is but Anna has connected to her and has really helped her. On her next quiz after Anna helped her , Katie got perfect on the quiz. I can see the difference in her now when she is doing math homework, I don't hear I can't do this and it takes less time now.

    Marianne B.
  • The tutor is very professional... and she gets my kids... They like her and are willing to try with her!!

    Desiree M.
  • Very accommodating service, personalized, and our tutor is fantastic

    Sophia M.
  • That it flowed up to my child...Starting easy and moving up

    Kris H.
  • I like the flexible times we have with the tutor. All is great.

    Andy R.
  • We are quite happy with the tutor provided (Amir), he is quite thorough and gives our son Tyler homework to keep Tyler accountable in his studies~

    Linda B.
  • I love that they come to my house

    Lynette D.
  • I'm very happy with services, my daughters tutor is personable and fits her perfect and I love that it fits into my work schedule its hard when you have long hours to put your child first. I would definitely recommend to other parents. Its nice to take the burden off of us as parents who have no clue as to math today. Worth the money!!!!!!

    Angela M.
  • To be honest- having the tutor work one on one with my child, and the fact that the tutor comes to my home are key selling points. My daughter has felt comfortable with her tutor- asking questions, getting things clarified and focusing on areas that she needs help on. I think in a group setting, even a small one, my child would sit back and not get the help she needs. We are a busy family- so ...

    Tina P.
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  • Very flexible, great tutors!

    Avril D.
  • In home service. Skilled employees.

    Michele M.
  • Tutors are selected based on the learning needs of the student. In our case, Michelle was the perfect match for john and because of that and her ability to teach John based on his abilities, it has been very successful. It has meant a lot to our family and John that Michelle can come into our home and tutor. John is comfortable and is able to learn better. Thanks to Michelle, John's self-esteem ...

    Lori S.
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  • Professionalism and tutoring tailored to student needs

    Franjo S.
  • Home tutoring and quality of tutors... Good service , very helpful

    Komil B.
  • Very knowledgeable tutors who are exceptionally good with tutoring children.

  • Great service... Knowledgeable tutor... Flexible to book app. Keep you posted what they studied each session.

    Prem B.
  • The one on one interaction in my daughter's home environment.

    Rose A.
  • Personalized to the needs of each client, tutoring is done in the privacy of the client's home if desired, our tutor is awesome and clearly enjoys what she does!

    Christine T.
  • They are at my home and the review form is helpful

    Juli B.
  • Both the on boarding and ongoing tutoring has been great. My daughter was not supportive of the services but was quickly aware of her need and the service provision. The tutor was a great match.

    Kim S.
  • It works people are great helpful and make my time with daughter more fun thank you that.

    Rob P.
  • The communication between everyone. Mike was excellent at arranging a suitable tutor for our son. Also, the weekly e-mails from the tutor outlining what was done during the session and our tutor is very accommodating for times and dates for the sessions.

    Biljana F.
  • The convenience of having someone come to you and the great help that my daughter is looking forward to.

    Hanissa R.
  • They understood what my child was in need of for her issues with math. They were very respectful to both myself and my child during our first appointment. Her tutor that they placed with her is an absolute dream, she is an awesome teacher. The tutor has brought her test marks up from a D to B+'s and A's. Everyone, from the person who took my call when I was upset and at a loss of what to do, all ...

    Gabby L.
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  • The response was quick, and very professional. The assessor tuned in with our son and really listened to him. The tutors were matched very well. The tutors are patient and very kind.

    Christine W.
  • Tutoring is tailored to the needs of the child. Plus they are flexible with session times and I love that they come to my house.

    Jennifer M.
  • All good.

    Vimal P.
  • 1. The approachability that Mike gives when he first comes to your home. He explains the process and how it all works in an organized manner and his sales experience certainly helps you get used to the idea of spending the hourly amount for the student's extracurricular education. 2. The tutor Sandy McGill is fantastic! She has patience with my 14-year-old's smart ass comments and is motivational. ...

    Nicole L.
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  • My son was matched up with a tutor that he can relate to. It didn't become a chore for Dillan to get up and go to his tutor sessions, he actually looked forward to them. Learning became fun & achievable!:) I would recommend Tutor Doctor to everyone and will continue to use this program.

    Nadia A.
  • Our tutor works well with my daughter and keeps her focus and on task while still making the sessions fun. A very positive learning environment, thanks for the support!

    Cathie V.