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    Elida Sage


    Hi, I’m Elida Sage and from a very early age I was taught the importance of education. As an immigrant family from Romania, education was a top priority in my household because of the opportunities it could provide. Being a single mom, my mother taught me that with education I could create whatever life I envisioned for myself. And she led by example. She took classes to learn the English language and went to school to learn a new trade. As a result, she enjoyed a successful career in the medical field, and even went on to start her own business in the industry alongside her full-time job. She is living proof of how education can shape the course of one’s life.

    Like her, I think all parents agree that education is crucial, but at Tutor Doctor we also understand that the path of learning looks different from student to student. When challenges arise on that path, as they inevitably do for many students, they can become more and more crippling until they are dealt with. Tutor Doctor takes a customized approach to helping students overcome their academic challenges, taking time to get to know the students beyond what subject they need help with, so we can match them with a tutor who will make those sessions as meaningful and productive as possible. And fun, too.

    From my own experience when I struggled with math for a time in grade school, it became a constant source of growing stress. On my own, the harder I tried the more frustrating it became. But once I got a tutor who worked with me at my pace, in a way that clicked for me, nothing beat the confidence I felt as I conquered my challenge. I love that I get to help students gain that same sense of accomplishment, relieving the stress on the shoulders of them and their families and changing the trajectory of their lives!