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Schools are essential to a child’s growth because they teach necessary skills like basic math and social interaction, such as making friends and working in groups. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for students to perform well one day and not-so-well another day. If your child’s performance slips, or you want extra help to make sure it doesn’t in the future, Tutor Doctor Geneva & West Chicago is the answer. We connect you with private tutors for every subject and all school levels so you can get the help you need to excel academically. We offer the following programs:

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  • Elementary & Middle School – Getting extra attention during early child development provides help in the long run, so children learn the skills they need to perform efficiently in high school and beyond.

  • High School – High school is a pivotal time for teens because, once they graduate, they are considered adults and either move on to college or join the workforce. Maintaining discipline and working hard towards good grades in high school can create a positive impact after graduation.

  • University & College – University and college is a different beast compared to elementary, middle, and high school. It’s more difficult and time-consuming, plus many students work jobs at the same time. Our tutors can help ensure your grades keep up and you remain on track for graduation.

  • Adult Tutoring – It’s never too late to learn, which is why we offer in-home and online tutoring for adults too! Whether you’re going back to school, completing a GED, learning English as a Second Language (ESL), or simply want to learn a new subject, our tutors can help!

  • Online Tutoring – All of our programs give you the chance to work with an in-home and online tutor, but we also offer private tutoring online to be more accessible. All you need is an internet connection and you’ll still have access to all the benefits of our in-home and online tutoring services!

  • Special Needs – Sometimes students who need a little extra help can still perform well in school, which is why we ensure your tutor is well-equipped to instruct students who require unique teaching. This includes children who are deaf, blind, or suffer from a mental disorder such as autism or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

You or your child are in good hands when you schedule one of our tutors. If you’re eager to get started, call (630) 394-6325 or click here to contact us online!

When Should You Hire a Tutor?

One of the great things about our tutors is that you don’t necessarily need a reason to hire them. There are still times, however, when hiring one of our tutors is especially beneficial. A few examples include:

Lower grades – If you’ve noticed lower grades than you or your child typically earn, tutoring is a great way to raise them back up.

Upcoming tests – Tests usually impact overall grades to a high degree, so hiring our tutors to prep for a specific test can help you ace it.

Personal goals – Just because nothing is out of the ordinary, or no test is around the corner, that doesn’t mean tutoring is a bad idea. Nobody is perfect, so hiring our private tutors to help you through school can help you maintain high grades and continue excelling.

Not only does school teach important subjects like math, science, and history, it also teaches students how to learn.

Passing one class and then joining a completely unrelated class with new concepts and materials teaches students how to pick up and understand new ideas; finishing geometry and then taking calculus teaches students how to use their previous knowledge to better understand new concepts. Our tutors can help students complete these goals efficiently, so they take what they learn into their adult lives.

Looking for a reliable and experienced in-home and online tutor in St. Charles or the greater Chicago area? Call (630) 394-6325 or click here for a free in-home and online consultation!

How Learning Hits Home

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