SAT®/ACT Test Prep in Fayetteville

Are you and your child stressed about the ACTs and SAT® exams? We’re here to help. Tutor Doctor offers ACT and SAT® prep in Fayetteville, Peachtree City, and Senoia to help you get the score you want.

Our Programs Include:

ACT vs SAT® - Click here to find out which one is right for you!

  • Thorough assessment prior to tuition
  • Latest ACT/SAT® test materials & practice tests
  • Constant support from test prep experts
  • Individualized test taking strategies
  • Comprehensive diagnostics & personalized tutoring
  • Time management & practice with pacing
  • Counselling on when and how often to take tests
  • Detailed breakdown of scores and reports
  • 12 Hours

    Recommended For:

    • Students that have 1 month or less until target test date
    • Less until their test date
    • Who have taken the test before & are familiar w/ the test
    • Who want to focus on only one section

    Packages Includes:

    • Progress reports delivered to you
    • Custom quizzes online
    • Accurate results on real tests
    • Constant online support
  • 30 Hours

    Recommended For:

    • Students that have at more than 3 months until target test date
    • Who struggle with test taking strategies
    • Who need in-depth help with all subjects
    • Who need to learn foundational basics for one or two sections
    • Who have not taken either test before
    • Who have never taken either of the exams

    Packages Includes:

    • Progress reports delivered to you
    • Custom quizzes online
    • Accurate results on real tests
    • Constant online support

They say there is power in numbers – we like to agree! Studying can be easier when you do it with friends. With our Group Pricing, you can get special pricing for ACT/SAT® prep for small groups of 3-5 people!

Which Test is Right For You?
There are fewer things that strike fear in the hearts of parents and students like the way ACTs and SAT® exams do. These exams have become synonymous with college acceptance. It seems you cannot gain entrance into a school without having taken one of these tests. But which one is right for your child?

Both the SAT® and ACT exams are valued equally in most colleges in the United States and Canada. Students have the option of taking one exam or both, multiple times. The SAT® exam consists of four tests: Math (calculator), math (no-calculator), wring and language, and evidence-based reading. Students can earn up to 1600 points. The ACTs are also broken into four sections: Reading, Science, English, and Math. The scores from each test are averaged to create a composite score, ranging from 1-36. We can help you determine which test suits your child.

Partners in Your Child’s Education
At Tutor Doctor Fayetteville, we understand what a stressful experience taking the SAT® and ACT exams can be. Our test prep tutors in Fayetteville are here to ensure your child receives the help and guidance they need to succeed. Our one-on-one approach helps students and tutors build a relationship founded on mutual respect and trust. We help clients with practical strategies, setting and following through with goals, and generally boosting confidence. Individuals who followed our process saw a 100-300 point improvement on the SAT® exam and a 3-11 point improvement on the ACTs.

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