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  • Its very reliable and the tutors are great. We have been doing it over a year and its been wonderful.

    John R.
  • Flexibility.

    Mireille K.
  • My son really gets along well with his tutor. She works on his areas of development and tries to strengthen his skill set without making it a punishment.

    Kimi H.
  • Jason is always patient and thorough while teaching Ben.

    Mark B.
  • We love the flexibility of tutors. We had to find the right fit, but we love Lauren!

    Kerry H.
  • The one on one experience is amazing.

    Susan C.
  • They worked with us to find the appropriate tutor for us.

    Susan G.
  • In comparison to other services that pass the students around to different tutors, having one person, who was screened for my sons particular needs has been GREAT. I also love the recap from the tutoring session. I honestly have zero complaints. You have exceeded our expectations. I am very impressed and would recommend Tutor doctor to everyone who needs tutor help.

    Ron N.
  • The convenience of the tutor coming to my home was everything.

    Diana & Mike O.
  • The teacher is very nice and very patient.

    Mary Y.
  • Whatever our needs are, when I call America she is always there to help!! Thanks for all you do!

    James I.
  • Oscar is a terrific tutor who has helped Gwen understand concepts in 2 sessions that she has not grasped at school all year.

    Beth H.
  • Stan is well-prepared, infinitely patient, and able to work with both my gifted 11th grader and my struggling 9th grader. He knows not only the subject matter, but how to teach. Fantastic!

    Amy Y.
  • The tutors are knowledgeable and reliable.

    Carrie & Michael T.
  • Great tutor - Sam really knows how to engage with Nick and help him with his work.

    Jennifer C.
  • It seems very organized and there is always reminders and feedback.

    Roberta B.
  • My son's grade has improved 5% since working with the tutor.

    Tom R.
  • Nancy (my daughter's Spanish tutor) is amazing. She is very patient and has helped my daughter tremendously.

    Sara C.
  • Convenient, GREAT tutors, good prices!

    Kimberly & Andy S.
  • Our tutor is awesome!

    Julie & Mark R.
  • The sessions are very specific to each child. It makes my life easy that they come to the house. The tutor is very knowledgeable and keeps my children very engaged.

    Karissa F.
  • The new math tutor assigned to my son for this new school year is terrific!! My son is extremely happy with the tutor and looks forward to the visit. Thank you Tutor Doctor!!!!

    Diane M.
  • Reasonable price and we are very happy with our tutor.

    Steve R.
  • Stan in a nut shell - he is the reason we continue to use your services!

    Doug & Linda V.
  • Well qualified tutors. Prompt for appointments.

    Stephanie R.
  • Really outgoing also really nice and takes time to explain everything to me.

    Paul G.
  • So convenient and our daughter's tutor is awesome with her!

    Debra C.
  • Proximity and flexibility is great!

    Muntasir A.
  • Good tutors!

    Sammy B.
  • A top notch tutor who takes a personal interest in not just the subject being taught, but in acting as a mentor and resource for the student.

    Thomas G.
  • Nice tutors. Flexible. Effective.

    Kimberly M.
  • Erica is very knowledgeable and professional. My daughter is really excelling!

    Tiffany R.
  • We love our tutor, Jimmy, he's great!! My sons grades went from Cs to As!! We are very happy with Tutor Doctor!

    Cynthia P.
  • You exactly match tutor to student.

    Deborah A.
  • Oscar is amazing!! Grade in Geometry has gone up!

    James N.
  • Convenient, professional, efficient.

    Lila R.
  • The tutor we received, Savannah, is excellent! Perfect for my daughter. We are so happy with her. She is able to hone in and connect with my daughter's learning style.

    Cathy F.
  • We love our tutor!

    Traci F.
  • Convenience of being at home and I'm already seeing improvement in my daughters skill and confidence with math in just 2 weeks!

    Paula H.
  • Tutors are very efficient, knowledgeable and always on time. My daughter is very happy and satisfied with their way of teaching .

    Erum N.
  • The tutors are wonderful, caring, bright, interesting people and Tutor Doctor is very receptive to their client's needs.

    Mary R.
  • Previously vetted tutors, professional approach when presenting options, knowledgeable tutors.

    Cheryl G.
  • The tutor is great and my daughter is learning a lot!

    Jackie P.
  • Hours that fit students schedule is great.

    Bo D.
  • The tutor that we had is very good at explaining things.

    Rosa O.
  • The tutors are knowledgeable, on time and friendly.

    Sarwat H.
  • I like how personal the services are from the consultation through the tutoring. Everyone is competent and willing to address our needs. The leadership cares about our tutoring outcomes and progress. 10/10 across the board.

    Alexandra W.
  • You were able to provide me with a tutor even at a short notice time.

    Julie T.
  • We like our tutor. She is very courteous and is professional.

    Stacey A.
  • You got just the right teacher for my son upon talking to us.

    Terri W.
  • Professionalism, communication, high-quality tutoring time, constant feedback, high standards.

    Shannon & Stephen L.
  • Your tutor is very professional, and accommodating.

    Mabelle H.
  • I am very thankful for personalized, qualified tutors to our home. The Tutor Doctor is the best program that my son ever had. He seems to enjoy learning without reluctance he normally shows. He is very motivated to work with both math and English tutor (Valarie an Daniel), which is unusual for him. I am very satisfied with the caliber of the tutor and their commitment to teach my son.

    Helena Y.
  • Effective and convenient. Loved every tutor we have used. They knew the subjects and were able to effectively communicate them for understanding.

    Yolanda D.
  • We have used Tutor Doctor for over three years and commend this company for their commitment to the quality of their tutors. This firm has a talent pool which has provided us the exact care and expertise we needed. We required a tutor in a variety of subjects over the years. The staff always listens to our needs and has complete understanding of kids with learning challenges. We would also like to ...

    Ellen & Randy P.
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  • Our Tutor, Valerie Vu, is very professional and knows how to communicate and teach our sophomore student which will hopefully help raise her grade.

    Sue R.
  • Tutor Doctor is flexible & convenient.

    Robert S.
  • The first time our son was to meet with his tutor, he ran and hid. Now, he waits at the door for him to arrive! Sean is absolutely awesome! a perfect match for our son!

    Matt & Laurie H.
  • Prompt and follow through with requested items.

    Nina P.
  • I think your tutor is very knowledgeable, professional and helpful.

    Terrell O.
  • The quality of the tutoring has been wonderful!

    Travis & Jill E.
  • Being able to tailor the tutor to our son's particular learning style has been critical to his success. You found us someone who met our needs precisely -- and the proof of that is in the grades my son is earning in Algebra 2 and Chemistry. Especially in Chemistry, he started with C's and D's and now is earning high B's! Now that's effective! Our tutor, Vincent Ngo, is just perfect for our son. ...

    Debora & Mike S.
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  • After one session my sons test score was up!

    Tiffany & Craig K.
  • SO darn organized! It's awesome.

    Melanie & Scott S.
  • Tailored to my child, in my home, positive reinforcement!

    Tari R.
  • Neema is an exceptional tutor. Neema is professional, explains the material well and helps build self esteem. My daughter received an 89% on her Chemistry final and an A- for her final grade. Sarah is so proud of her accomplishment and we thank Neema for all of his support.

    Lisa G.
  • I like the organization of your services, your progress reports & tracker & we love our tutor! So far so good! Thank you!

    Josie H.
  • Educated teachers, very responsive, great service, on top of all, great help to my son.

    Iraj & Leyla R.
  • Our tutor is always on time and my daughter loves studying with her. Her grades have improved.

    Umit & Semra O.
  • The tutors have been great and very reliable.

    Trish J.
  • I particularly like the professionalism of the tutor you have sent us. Her name is Celine Belloti. She is very friendly and flexible.

    Jim & Karen L.
  • I love that you pair the kids up with someone who best fits their needs and personality.

    Cathy & Jon N.
  • Jason looks forward to his tutoring time with Stan. He is very professional and a great fit for Jason.

    Chance & Claudia W.
  • I appreciate the very fast start up as my daughter was in a crunch to ready herself for the SAT. Your local office met with me one day after I called, presented a very professional program and the tutor (Peter) started within two days. Peter has been terrific... on time, diligent, smart , engaging and working very well with my daughter. I wish we had started sooner and I would definitely recommend ...

    Clare & Glenn B.
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  • Wonderful prompt evaluation of my children's needs. Quick to get back to me via phone and e mail. All tree tutors are great. My son is already getting A's and B's on math quizzes! I also feel very comfortable having the tutors in my home. Very willing to work with our children's sports schedules! Thank you!

    Christie & Glen D.
  • The talent of the tutors is very good. My daughter does well with their help. Thanks guys...please get my daughter through med school!

    Kelly W.
  • Tutor Doctor is very professional and punctual.

    Jun Y.
  • You sent us the best tutor ever!

    Terry & Lori D.
  • Our tutor was vary knowledgeable about the subject and familiar with the AP World History Exam.

    Arshy & Debbie S.
  • The setup and its tutors are great!

    Warren & May N.
  • Our tutor, Maureen Manning, is exceptional. If all of your tutors are like her, I don't see how any other tutoring service can compete with you! Ashley was also incredible in matching us with Maureen.

    Teri & Ken B.
  • Jim is great, he works very well with our son Hunter.

    Julie H.
  • Our tutor Carol is wonderful!

    Wendy U.
  • Friendly, competent and reliable. Also our tutor Francisco is professional, engaging and works very well with our daughter. Great match!

    Denise S.
  • It is very convenient where the tutors come to you and so far they are very timely and they work around the need of students. I actually did recommend tutor doctor to one of my neighbors!

    Waiman & Robert C.
  • The tutor is the best!

    Peggy & John B.
  • We love the convenience of the tutor coming to the home.

    Dorothy D.
  • I love our tutor. I like the fact that you come to our house.

    Nancy & Robert R.
  • The curriculum is well defined and the instructor is well prepared. She also is very good at engaging the kids.

    Renascence School International
  • I liked the personal touch of the services and matching the tutor to student way of leaning/personality.

    Juan & Jeannette G.
  • I am extremely happy with my daughter's tutor. I also asked for a breakdown for tax purposes and that was also delivered to me the same day.

    Susan S.
  • Love our tutor!

    Beth C.
  • We love everything!

    Christine B.
  • Tutor is exceptional with our son. She boosts his confidence, always follows through on what she says she is going to do, brings materials for him to work on, goes out of her way to build a relationship outside of tutoring which makes him feel very comfortable with her. Great tutor!!!

    Jean B.
  • Quick response, flexible and depth.

    Peggy W.
  • Great tutors, great flexibility and great admin support! We've worked with 3 different tutors and all have been awesome!

    Lorretta & Miles B.
  • Tutor is a highly trained professional. A pleasure to work with!

    Gabriele P.
  • Excellent tutors!

    Christine & Paul O.
  • Quick response, excellent student-tutor match!

    Connie M.
  • Two great Tutors so far!

    Denise M.
  • You were able to fit my daughter with a great tutor immediately. Also I was able to easily transition her from 2 1hr 1/2 sessions to one 1 - 1 1/2 sessions with no problem!

    Mark & Lori Q.
  • I am absolutely satisfied with your service. The tutor shows up on time and has been most helpful in focusing on what study strategies will work for my daughter. The feedback given after every session is very informative. I would highly recommend your service.

    Polly D.
  • Love that you come to the home. Very convenient because I have other children.

    Lori S.
  • Love that the tutor comes to our home and is always prepared.

    Charlotte & Roger A.
  • From my first meeting with Alexandra I felt that she really wanted to understand what our student needed and that she would endeavor to fine the right tutors for those needs. Having Robyn Scott and Kyle Johnson were the perfect choices. Robyn has been a true blessing and continues to help Amber in any way she can.

    Janie C.
  • All tutors have been knowledgeable in the field they instruct and serious about teaching.

    Diane L.
  • We like the quality of the tutors and results we are seeing, plus convenience.

    Laura M.
  • My tutor Taimore, also Ladi was incredibly nice.

    Remington S.
  • Carol is the best! No nonsense; the kids love her.

    John P.
  • The tutor is educated in the subject and explains the subject well to my daughter.

    Laura & Wes S.
  • The tutor seems knowledgeable and is prepared with learning materials.

    Selma S.
  • We like that the tutoring is tailored to the specific students needs and subjects. If for some reason the tutor and student are mismatched, we have the ability and open communication to discuss the issues and are given other tutor options. The quality and ethics of Tutor Doctor are terrific.

    Helena M.
  • The staff was wonderful. We loved our tutor she was great!

    Liesel M.
  • The tutors were professional, knowledgeable, excellent teaching skills, and courteous.

    Linda & Martin M.
  • I like how Tutor Doctor was able to provide a credentialed teacher with years of teaching experience.

    Cindy Q.
  • My tutor has been friendly and extremely patient. He has really helped me feel confident in my preparation for the GMAT.

    Crystal C.
  • Our tutor is great!

    Matt K.
  • The tutoring services are exactly what my daughter needs. They took the time to really understand her needs.

    Rich A.
  • First off, I love the at home visits. You guys make it very stress free and easy for the customer. Also, my tutor Ken Logan is awesome, and i would recommend him to any of my friends that need help in math!

    Lauren W.
  • I loved the strong student assessment process followed on by key alignment of (tutor to student) personality match.

    Joe & Darlene B.
  • Amazing service. Expert tutors. Perfect match. Competitive pricing. Extremely convenient.

    Seoul Semiconductor
  • Tutor doctors was very accommodating and worked hard to find a match for my daughter.

    Brandi C.
  • Tutor Doctor is willing to go the extra mile to ensure your child's goals are met.

    Erik W.
  • My tutor was easy to get a hold of and worked with my tight schedule. He always had the answers and was very thorough.

    April I.
  • Our tutor has been very accommodating to our child's very busy and ever changing schedule.

    Chris B.