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Tutor Doctor Chattanooga

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    Dr. Joel Vance

    Hi, my name is Joel. I am the Education Consultant for Tutor Doctor of Chattanooga. Since 1993, I have taught part-time at several different colleges and currently am an Associate Professor with a Doctorate degree in Business. During this time period, I have seen so many students come to college lacking some of the educational skills and concepts crucial for achievement. This is one of the reasons that I chose Tutor Doctor. Since 2017, we have helped numerous students go from Fs to As and Bs. Our tutors have helped students receive scholarships and increase the ones that they had already received. It is a good feeling to see these things happen. My main role with Tutor Doctor Knoxville is to facilitate pairing your child with the tutor that will help them get to where you want them to go.

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    Kristen Bjarnason

    I have two roles at Tutor Doctor Chattanooga as I am the Marketing Manager and a professional tutor. In my role as the Marketing Manager, I help create partnerships with local schools, arrange events, post on social media, network, and provide client care to the wonderful families we serve. I started with Tutor Doctor Knoxville as a tutor in 2017 and was promoted to Marketing Manager in 2019. I have several years of teaching experience starting with an environmental non-profit, working in a local school for a year, and providing tutoring to several students in elementary, middle, and high school. My favorite areas to teach are Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, and Spanish. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tusculum College in 2014 with a B.A. in Field Guide/Naturalist- one that teaches environmental education/outdoor education.

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    Beth Jenkins

    I am a highly active tutor, dedicated to making difference in student’s lives. I’m always smiling and looking forward to helping new clients in the Chattanooga area. I give my full attention during each session, which is reflected in the increased confidence I see in my students. My favorite part of tutoring is making a special connection with each student. I’ve been with Tutor Doctor since October 2020. I enjoy shopping, learning about new cultures, and reading in my spare time.

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    Eleanor Brock

    I have been a tutor for over 7 years and am eager to work with new clients. My favorite areas to teach are science, technology, engineering, math, and test prep. I will personalize tutoring to meet the needs of each individual. I’m thoughtful and intentional with my teaching methods, making sure each student receives the best support possible. My experience with private tutoring helps me bring expertise and confidence to each student. I look forward to the future with Tutor Doctor!

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    Tim Zimmerman

    I am a proactive, dependable, and flexible tutor with Tutor Doctor of Chattanooga. I hold a degree in Mechanical Engineering and specialize in math. I am detail-oriented, always willing to help with extra events, and go the extra mile to make parents feel confident that we are going to help their child achieve their goals. I’ve been with Tutor Doctor for almost a year and am looking forward to working with future clients.

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    Sheryl Stull

    I have been an elementary teacher for the past 45 years and love getting the opportunity to work one-on-one with students. I have worked with students of all ages and especially enjoy seeing a student understand a concept for the first time. I want to help students feel supported and encouraged to meet their goals. I have worked with Tutor Doctor for all of the 2020 school year and look forward to working with new families.

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    Nicholas Baker

    I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Lee University and am graduating with a Master of Arts in Teaching (grades 6-12) in July 2021. My favorite part about working with students is seeing them gain independence when they have truly made connections and understand math concepts. I am currently in my second year of teaching at a local high school and look forward to supporting new clients with Tutor Doctor.

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    Patricia Anderson

    I have been employed by Tutor Doctor for almost a year. What I love about tutoring is meeting students of various ages and learning levels. It is so rewarding to see the lightbulb go on and watch a student’s confidence grow as he or she masters a difficult concept. Having homeschooled my children from Kindergarten through twelfth grade helped me be an “out-of-the-box” educator. I am currently a high school English, Chemistry, and Biology teacher at a small private school in Chattanooga.

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    Phyllis Nicholson

    I have served as a Children’s Minister in several local churches for almost 30 years. As an Elementary teacher prior to ministry, I always enjoyed seeing children succeed in their work and reach their potential. At present, I am substituting in the school system this year. It is fun to see how the children have matured educationally on each level. As an experienced tutor, I feel I can help students grow in confidence and enjoy learning. I love kids and want them to be the best they can be.

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    Brandon Dixon

    I graduated with a BA in Health Science from Lee University last year. I like making a contribution to society by sharing my knowledge and helping others succeed, which is why I decided to become a tutor. My strengths are life science and chemistry. I also have an interest in information systems and psychology.

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    Sarah Fox

    I am in my fifth year of teaching middle school science. I am certified in all subject areas for grades 4-8. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from Holy Cross and my Master’s Degree in Middle School Education from The University of Tennessee. What I love most about working with students is providing them with the tools they need to feel confident in themselves. I’ve learned that my job as an educator is to not only teach my content, but also to help students develop the skills they need to become independent learners.