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  • I like the tutor comes to my home and is very flexible with her hours.

    Kelly M.
  • efficient and result-oriented

    Archana R.
  • I like the flexibility of the tutor, I like the fact that we buy hours so don't lose them if have to cancel.

    Rajni P.
  • I love how quickly we were matched with a tutor and how well she worked with our daughter.

    Gwen M.
  • Flexibility to set times with the tutors

    Harjit S.
  • I am very happy with the services for the children.

    Consuelo F.
  • Convenience of coming to the house and the one on one support.

    Melissa F.
  • At home.

    Denise G.
  • Excellent tutors. We have had three now and they have all been fantastic !!

    Nancy S.
  • The flexibility in terms of location for receiving services, the ability to customize tutoring to meet specific needs (and the ability to switch the needs when required), the tutors, and the overall excellent customer service provided by Tutor Doctor - they definitely put the customer first!

    Wendy W.
  • The best thing about the service is the tutor comes to our home and it is so convenient for us. Also the tutor is very knowledgable.

    Harley B.
  • I like tutor doctor because tutor Doctor have a professional teachers and my daughter happily feel with your teacher and she learning Easley so I thanks for tutor Doctor

    Sikander S.
  • It is stress free with both parents working long hours. The tutor you have recommended is excellant and our child is able to comprehend her. We have seen a marked improvement in her grades. She is very punctual and dedicated and not a clock watcher.

    Keith N.
  • Very good. I like your services.

    Gagandeep T.
  • I love the whole experience, I feel tutor Doctor really got a great fit in regards to my son tutor. Also I really like the constant updates after the sessions great communication over all. I also really like that you frequently ask for feed back regarding the service. I truly think that this was the best decision Raquel our tutor is so brilliant she also show a true care for Jaydens edicuational ...

    Gemma B.
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  • very good , a great quality of service. nice kind people

    Stephanie R.
  • Your commitment, patience and knowledgeable teachers. I have actually recommended you to some of our friends - Job Asante's family, Felicia Effah Yeboah and others. Hopefully they will contact you soon.

    Gyabaah Y.
  • Quality of tutors and the right match to the child. Always willing to work with you to provide the right service level and accommodating to your schedule.

    Pratima L.
  • I like that it is a in home service, as well they take the time to get to know the child's needs

    Tracy T.
  • Knowledgeable tutors, in depth analysis of the child's needs and learning style, flexible hours to meet our needs.

    Karen A.
  • She is amazing!!! Medine is learning so much and i see soooo much production. So professional so engaging Medine loves her i love her!!! Thank u so much.

    Jenny T.
  • The convenience of having an educated, wonderful, patient tutor come to my home is incredibly convenient

    Kristen W.
  • Very professional and structured.

    Dina S.
  • The tutor doctor has really helped my daughter who is in grade 9 ,she was struggling with math in a few areas and now I'm happy to say her Marks are Improving quite a bit since she started !! She's quite shy ,so having that one on one attention was a much better fit for her !

    Louise D.
  • Precise, efficient and safe

    Indy D.
  • The one on one learning for students. I like the fact that my daughter was paired with a tutor that is catered to her needs.

    Reeta C.
  • Teacher is very dedicated and knows how to do her job.She is nice with kids and knows how to handle them

    Sanmeet C.
  • The tutor's flexibility in working with my work schedule along with her interaction with my child during tutorial session. Additionally, working knowledge with areas of concern relating to my child's educational challenges.

    Natasha S.
  • Committed to ensure improvement

    Sukhwinder B.
  • Tutors are engaged and take time to understand the student's current performance level. The Tutors are also display pleasant demeanours; makes it easy to work with them.

    Errol S.
  • Tutor Doctor is great and house friendly. Provide us with the best teacher and also help us as much as they can.

    Sharanjit S.
  • The one to one service at the child's pace.

    Carol D.
  • The tutors know their subject

    Preet K.
  • The professional services,the session reports reports and the improvement I've seen in my child in a very short period

    Erhuvwuero A.
  • The one on one service, reliable, on time and adoptability to students needs. My daughter grade went up 9%. I will use this tutoring again if the need arises.

    Desmond C.
  • It is a very good home tutoring program that I personally liked it.

    Harbinder S.
  • one on on tutoring. having the tutor come directly to your home. it's private. having to schedule time according to what works for you.

    Myndi R.
  • To select the correct Tutor according to the kids needs

    Rosalia S.
  • In Home lessons and one on one assistance. Friendly and reliable teachers or recent graduates that are up to date on current school curriculum.

    Karen C.
  • Tutor doctor does an amazing job matching up students with the teachers. I like that I can be home and the kids are still doing their tutoring session. The kids like it because they do not have to be in the car driving around. Most of all they have the teacher attention to themselves. The one to one ratio is very good for the student and it does a great job for their self confidence. Ph

    Patricia H.
  • everything perfect

    Sharon K.
  • great tutors, they help the children with there needs what ever it might be.

    Karen W.
  • The convenience of having the tutor come to our home. This saves us a lot of time and hassle of taking our child to and from the tutor's home.

    Lakhbir S.
  • the involvement of Donna

    Deborah G.
  • I like the one on one experience with no other kids the tutor has to worry about and the ability to be in your own household for the sessions

    Amrit C.
  • I like the fact that the student and tutor are carefully matched so that the sessions are smooth and productive

    Damian O.
  • The quality and qualifications of the tutors teaching my children is impressive.

    Bunmi A.
  • Donna is excellent at the administration of our file, and our tutor dhara was simply awesome with my daughter. highly recommend tutor doctor to anyone looking for assistance

    Shelley B.
  • Very qualified instructors. In home service.

    Ravinder T.
  • Very proffessional and reliable

    Teresa M.
  • Convenience of geeting tutoring at home.

    Jacqueline S.
  • Donna Tanner is very attentive to our needs, her service is always very prompt and courteous and every effort is made to best match a tutor to the students requirements.

    Paddy S.
  • Tutors are experts in their field of study and willing to work with the students schedule to accommodate change. My daughter enjoyed the three tutors she had during high school and with their help she was able to archive great success in Math a subject she has never done very well in. With their help she was able to attain 80's where before she was getting 50's and 60's. thank you tutor doctor at ...

    Sharon C.
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  • All Teachers works with Student as a Proffesional. Thank You All! Yvonne!

    Yvonne C.
  • Tutor doctor has helped my daughter find the right teacher that is good in interacting with all the help that is necessary for her. Her tutors are always good in listening to her concerns to every problem that she encounter. I am very happy that they have helped my daughter with her grades. As for the teacher that she has right now , all I can say is that she is awesome. Thank you so much. Edith L ...

    Edith L.
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  • Thank you for all your hard work. My dauguhter tells me all about the dynamic way the teacher teaches and encourage participation and are pleased that our daughter is learning so much.

    Baldeep K.
  • I love that the tutoring is done at home, that it is one on one, the flexiability. Also I appreciate that when you first sign up there is no assesment fee. I also appreciate that the tutors are matched to the student and there is flexiablity if it is not a good match.

    Nimira D.
  • Donna's personal approach and customization of services is greatly appreciated. The Tutors are also very high quality and a great fit with our kids needs.

    Myra S.
  • The convenience of having a tutor come to my home an the undivided attention my child receives

    Sharon D.
  • I like the fact that it's offered in my home, because it was so much more convenient and relaxed. Our tutor Wanda is a definite ten, and above average as a teacher and writing coach. I would definitely recommend your services to any family or friend.

    Joan M.
  • I like the fact that the tutor comes to my house, no travelling and also that it is one on one tutoring.

    Paola M.
  • committed to identify the student needs and parents expection

    Nanthakumaran R.
  • I appreciate they have qualified instructors who are patient and flexible to provide instruction in any manner to meet the needs of the student. My daughter is dyslexic and they were more than willing to work with whatever material and teach style necessary. It is also tremendously convenient to have the instructor come to our home.

    Penny H.
  • Tutor is excellent. Punctual and reliable.

    Michele T.
  • Convenience of coming to my house and reports emailed within 24 hours of session.

    Jodi B.
  • I really like Charlene who is able to work with my child Jade. Jade has a difficult time learning and Charlene is able to teach her using different methods which fit well with her learning disabilities. I also like the fact that there are updates sent through email.

    Lauralyn W.
  • Very friendly and always there to answer any question

    Anita S.
  • You come to the house and treat my daughter with respect and humour.

    Andrea C.
  • The tutor assigned, is very professional and caring. Definitely I will recommend him to others.

    Sanita B.
  • Flexible and willing to work with the needs of the student to find the right match with the tutor.

    Jayne P.
  • Professionalism

    Vivian E.
  • I have seen a major improvement with my daugher reading and spelling skills. Tutor Doctor started there reading program by establishing the basic sounds and phonics with my daughter. Within a few months my daugher is able to sounds out new words on her own. In addition Tutor Doctor is very flexiable within their scheduling. This is very important to us as we have a very young family and we ...

    Beni P.
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  • reliable and cater to child,s needs

    Andrea W.
  • Tutors are qualified, experienced and very accomodating. They are flexible and provide on line practice questions to their students.

    Neelam G.
  • Current tutor is very good and flexible with my schedule.

    Patrick H.
  • Prompt, friendly

    Heather W.
  • Good & very professional..

    Monika M.
  • So far, the reports are a good indication to me of what has been accomplished so far.

    Sonya H.
  • it is in my home. one on one attention. positive feedback to my son

    Shauna F.
  • I prefer having the tutor come to the home. The sessions are more adapted to my child's needs.

    Sarah R.
  • Very pleasant and patient with children most importantly the tutor's are there for the best interest of the child.

    Ivonne B.
  • The way the tutor tends to the immediate needs of the student. The sessions are custom fit for the student.

    Sandra T.
  • in home services

    Karen C.
  • The service my daugher received is excellent, especially the tutor's subject expertise and the way he explains. I definetely recommend Tutor Doctor to anyone, already referred to couple of my friends. I think it may be more effective if Tutor Doctor gives any standard test to measure student's success.

    Lakshmi D.