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  • Tutor Doctor

    “Tutor Doctor of the Bluegrass helped my student with Algebra II when he was failing it last year. As a result of the tutoring, he passed with a C. Currently, we are making progress with this years math issues and are extremely pleased with his progress. If anyone has a child that is struggling with a subject, additional help that parents often cannot provide is needed. TDTB has a plan, a schedule, and a disciplined approach to provide measurable outcomes. TDTB is simple: you set up a schedule, the tutor comes to your house, and the tutor works through the issues the student has. Many people may look at the cost; don't. You have to evaluate the value: the outcome associated with your child being confident in a subject where they need a little help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help; it is a strength. The end result is success and confidence for your child.”

  • Tutor Doctor

    “In our experience with Tutor Doctor of the Bluegrass (TDTB), Jan Coy helped my student with reading and math twice a week for eight weeks. Jan was the perfect match for my student because Jan helped her stay focused and didn’t allow her any slack when she wasn’t “in the mood” to read or work on math. I would recommend TDTB because of the convenience of the tutor coming to your home–you don’t need to coax your child to go somewhere to learn. The testing that Jan did prior to beginning the actual sessions told her what my student really needed to work on the most, which is much more effective than just looking at her “Map Test Scores.” I have more than one favorite part about TDTB. One of my favorite parts is Suzanne: she came to our house to meet us and to give us all the information that we needed. SHE was the reason we chose TDTB! Given our unique situation of being grandparents raising a 10 year old girl, we felt reassured and comfortable that TDTB was the right choice for us. My other favorite part is that Suzanne placed my student with Jan. Again, she was a perfect match! If my student is still living with us next summer, I’m hoping Jan or someone just like her from TDTB will be helping my student prepare for middle school! Thank you TDTB for a great summer of learning!”