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Why Summer Is A Great Time for Tutoring

Summer vacation is a great opportunity for students to catch up on their academics and get a head start on next year! Here are 3 reasons why summer is a great time for tutoring.

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Summer Slide

  • Catching Up After the COVID Slide

    Schools and teachers are doing everything they can to address community health concerns, but many students are still understandably finding the transition to hybrid and/or remote learning difficult. To avoid falling behind, here are our tips for catching up after the COVID slide!

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  • 6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Teen Motivated to Learn Over the Summer

    Students often experience learning loss during the summer months, sometimes referred to as the “summer slide.” To help avoid this gap in academic progress, here are 6 simple ways to keep your teen motivated to learn over the summer!

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  • Parent Hacks to Avoid the COVID Slide This Summer

    Although summer learning loss is already an area of concern in students, the recent early closures of schools due to COVID-19 has the potential to significantly worsen the problem. To help offset the summer slump, here are some parent “hacks” to help kids avoid learning loss over the coming months.

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  • The Summer Slide is in Full Effect! Now What?

    Summer learning loss is a serious issue for many students that don’t partake in educational activities throughout these months. Studies of this phenomenon have shown that summer learning deficits can leave some students months behind when entering the new school year. At Tutor Doctor, we highly encourage summer learning!

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  • How to Ward Off the Summer Slide as a College Student

    While there’s still 24 hours in a day, there’s less time to relax - and an urgency to maintain your edge or advantage.  Accordingly, it’s important to find activities that ward off laziness and keep your mind sharp while you’re away from college.

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