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Teacher Appreciation Week: Thanking Our Educators

Teacher Appreciation Week begins on Monday, May 3rd and it’s a perfect time to thank our educators for the incredible job they have done overcoming the challenges of the past year.

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Giving Back

  • 5 Things Kids Can Do to Protect the Oceans [World Oceans Day]

    World Oceans Day is right around the corner on June 8th! With oceans covering more than 70% of our planet, it’s our responsibility as humans to protect them by committing to safe and sustainable life choices. Here are 5 things kids can do to protect the oceans!

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  • Why your kids should consider volunteer work

    Volunteer work is a great way of giving back to your community, and also helps to foster a sense of personal self-accomplishment! Helping others actually has some surprising benefits that may not immediately come to mind when we think of volunteer work! Here are some great reasons to consider volunteering in your community.

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