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Tips for Students: How to Critically Evaluate Academic Sources

For any student writing a research paper, it’s important to know how to critically evaluate academic sources to ensure you are getting accurate information. Here are Tutor Doctor’s tips to help streamline the process!

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Essay Writing

  • Tutor Doctor’s Proofreading Tips: How to Revise an Essay

    Before submitting any writing assignment for grading, it’s imperative to do a final check of your work. Here are Tutor Doctor’s proofreading tips to help your child revise an essay!

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  • Tutor Doctor's Top Tips For Writing a Great Essay

    Writing an essay can definitely be a challenging task, and many people have trouble figuring out where to start – commonly referred to as “writer’s block.” Being able to effectively compose a written response to a topic is a vital skill you will use throughout your educational journey, and many students will find themselves submitting heavily-weighted essays with their college applications. Here are some quick and ea

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