4 Awesome (and Educational) YouTube Channels for Elementary and Middle School Students

Does your child spend a lot of time online? Have them check out these awesome educational YouTube channels!

1. Crash Course Kids – This channel is all about making grade school science fun and engaging for kids! The charismatic host, Sabrina Cruz, posts new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday discussing a broad range of scientific topics. Sabrina covers it all – from our planet’s nature and habits to chemical reactions and engineering, Crash Course Kids has no shortage of interesting topics children will love to dive deeper into. Sabrina also has a ton of great videos on outer space, breaking down complex concepts like gravity and the earth’s rotation. With its great animations, superb explanations, and wonderful host, we think Crash Course Kids is top notch educational entertainment!

2. Finding Stuff Out – This channel has a very cool mission statement! As the creators themselves say, “Instead of imposing adult notions on kids about what they should know, [Finding Stuff Out] gives them what they want: answers to the questions that matter to them the most!” The series features real students talking to real scientists, engineers, and professionals in their fields. As the channel’s mission implies, the students get to ask the questions and find out about the subjects they are interested in! Finding Stuff Out is a great channel for elementary and middle school students – and with a wealth of topics ranging from structural engineering to animal studies, there’s something to peak every child’s interest!

3. National Geographic Kids – Parents will likely recognize the National Geographic name as a household standard for scientific literature. Their content oriented towards kids is a wonderful resource for students of all ages, especially for children who enjoy animals and nature. National Geographic’s content focuses largely on earth and animal science, and this channel is a great way to introduce children to some of the incredible creatures and habitats that exist on our planet. If your child is interested in exploring topics like dinosaurs, ocean creatures, exotic animals, and earth’s vast environments, National Geographic Kids is a great place to start!

4. SciShow Kids – Featuring hosts Jessi, Mister Brown, and the lovable Squeaks the Robot Lab Rat, SciShow Kids is a truly charming channel that younger children are guaranteed to love. SciShow kids creates their content primarily for early elementary learners (grades 1-3), and their videos have a fun and unique approach towards science through asking questions kids will find relevant. For example: “Why don’t fish freeze in winter?” Or, “Why does popcorn pop?” SciShow Kids’ welcoming formula introduces children to scientific principles by peaking their curiosity while explaining concepts in a way that is easy to understand. Kids are sure to love the animations (as well as Squeaks the Robot Lab Rat!) and will be naturally drawn in by Jessi and Mister Brown’s enthusiasm and passion for science education.