Does Your Child Need A Test Prep Tutor?

If you have a student who is planning to take the SAT or ACT exams, we recommended they start preparing well in advance. These exams can be challenging, even for students who generally do well on tests. Does your child need a test prep tutor? Read on to find out!

Managing test anxiety. Experiencing stress or anxiety during an exam is extremely common in students. This is especially prevalent in subjects that require deep concentration and complex procedures, like mathematics. The SAT and ACT exams can feel very “high stakes” in comparison to regular classroom tests, and students that suffer from test-taking anxiety may be overwhelmed with the idea of taking these exams. Unlike a regular classroom test, the process to take an SAT/ACT exam is kind of a big deal – each attempt requires a new registration fee, admission ticket, and selection of a testing center and date for the exam. Test prep tutors can help students to develop strategies for managing test-taking anxiety while remaining focused on the exam.

Planning for exams. As we mentioned, the process of signing up for an SAT/ACT exam can be a lot to wrap your head around. Tests are offered on different dates and locations. Test-takers will also have to decide if they want to add the additional essay section (they should), and many students will also want to register for subject exams to include with their college applications (more on this later). A test prep tutor can help to streamline this process and ensure your student has everything ready to go by test day!

Increasing scores. If your child has taken a PSAT or SAT/ACT exam and wants to increase their scores, a test prep tutor is a great place to start. Higher scores on these exams can weigh heavily on college applications, and it’s generally recommended that students re-attempt exams to increase their scores. Even if your student has never taken an SAT/ACT exam before, some colleges do have certain score requirements for admission. If your student is particularly interested in a university that is difficult to get into, a test prep tutor can help them formulate a plan to optimize their test scores prior to filling out applications.

Practicing for a subject. Many colleges and universities also require SAT Subject Test scores to be considered for admission. The SAT Subject Tests are completely separate from the regular SAT exam, and there are several subjects to choose from – ranging from world history to foreign languages. If your student is preparing for one of these exams (or wants to increase their score on an existing subject test), a test prep tutor is an excellent resource.

Younger students. Even if your student isn’t taking an SAT or ACT exam any time soon, a test prep tutor may still be a good option. Younger students often deal with attention and focus issues that impact their exam scores. Test prep tutors can help students work on their executive function skills in order to improve their performance on classroom tests. These skills will carry on into their later years, so it’s never too early to start practicing good test-taking habits!

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