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How to Create a Planner that Works for You

Planners are a great way to help students keep track of school responsibilities. By having a set agenda with details about upcoming assignments, you can make sure you’ll never miss a due date again!

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  • Helping Your Child Manage Peer Pressure and Peer Influence

    It’s important to talk to your child about how they are feeling about life at school, as well as their interactions with other students. Here are Tutor Doctor’s tips for helping your child to manage peer pressure and peer influence.

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  • Ways You Can Contribute to and Support Your Child's School and Teachers

    At Tutor Doctor, we always encourage giving back to our communities and staying involved with our children’s education! Here are some ways you can contribute to and support your child’s school and teachers.

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  • Helpful Tips from Teachers to Parents

    How can parents help their children to get the most out of school? We asked teachers to share their valuable insights. Here are some helpful tips from teachers to parents!

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  • How to Complete Long-Term Projects & Research Papers

    Do you have a big assignment coming up? Although larger school projects can be daunting, there’s plenty of ways students can effectively plan out their steps to completion. With the right tools, you can avoid stress and ensure you’ll have all your materials ready by the deadline. Here are Tutor Doctor’s tips on how to complete long-term projects and research papers!

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