An Open Letter to Students and Parents: I Feel Your Anger

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To students and parents of the Tutor Doctor community,

What we have seen occur in the last few days regarding fraudulent admissions practices taking place at some of the most well-regarded universities have left us all with emotions of anger and skepticism. Writing this not only as the President of a tutoring company but also as a parent, I have always viewed education as one of the most important components of development, able to unlock the potential in anyone.

Examples of a scandal like this reinforce a different belief that states that a child’s wealth is more important to their future than their integrity – and that couldn’t be more false.

To students who feel discouraged, I want to say wholeheartedly that your work ethic and character will be noticed. Overseeing the operations of the tutors we work with all across the world, I get to see firsthand the growth of the students we work with. It brings me confidence to see students building motivation and confidence in themselves on subjects they once dreaded. Seeing them pursue their own ventures reminds me every day that in the end it’s our tenacity and the efforts we make to continuously improve ourselves and our communities that will define us, not the prestige of the university or the amount of money we earn.

To parents who are feeling unsure about the application process for your children, I want to let you know that there are countless resources at your disposal, including capable professionals from guidance counselors to tutors who are invested in your child’s success.

Here is my advice to you - encourage your children to go out and explore what interests them and how they want to shape their futures. Universities look beyond a student’s high school transcript and test scores and learn more about the applicant in their personal essays, letters of recommendations and interests as well as extracurricular activities. Having conversations with your child about what activities and communities they want to get involved with will help pave way to not only a stronger application, but also help identify where and what they want to study.

The college admissions process is one that looms over every family at some point. It involves many moving pieces and can feel overwhelming. However, this shouldn’t stop us from pursuing our greatest ambitions for both ourselves and our loved ones. Tutor Doctor is proud to work with students and families who work hard every day with the utmost integrity to achieve their goals. Keep moving forward, and I assure you will find success in your own way.


Frank Milner
President of Tutor Doctor

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