Interesting Career Paths for Your Student to Consider

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It's not uncommon for college students to feel unsure of their future career choice. In fact, 30% of all undergraduate students change their major at least once within the first 3 years of enrollment. If your student is researching options, here are some interesting career paths for them to consider.

1. Sustainability. With global warming and climate change an ever-pressing environmental issue, the field of sustainability has widened considerably. Green energy is undoubtedly the future, and many universities now offer “Sustainability Studies” as a degree of focus. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the two fastest growing occupations are currently related to solar panel and wind turbine technology. Sustainability and environmental studies are rapidly growing job sectors that offer valuable opportunities to help benefit our planet.

2. Computer science and programming. From network engineers to app developers, careers in technology are in high demand – and they're here to stay. Students interested in learning programming languages and coding have the potential to work as software developers, web designers, and many other tech jobs. With social media and online culture at an all-time popularity, now is a great time to look into tech careers. As a career path, technology provides a wealth of options for potential work environments as well – these days, internet connections and the transfer of digital information is a required part of nearly every field. Network engineers and service administrators are needed everywhere, from hospitals to government buildings. If you're interested in a field with a lot of potential options for open-ended positions, computer science is an excellent choice.

3. Health and wellness services. Healthcare coverage is more widespread than ever before, and the health services fields are quickly growing as a result. Office assistants, nurses, dental hygienists, and of course, doctors – are all always going to be in high demand. In addition, working in the healthcare field is an extremely rewarding career choice. Many people that choose this path are passionate individuals that enjoy the feeling of knowing their work directly helps others. Working with patients is not the only option, of course. Medical research is a substantial part of the healthcare sector and provides opportunities to test and develop potentially life-changing treatment methods.

4. Education. If you enjoy working with students and helping to mold young minds, education is always an excellent career path to consider. Teachers are always in high demand, and many individuals that pursue this field find it to be an extremely rewarding career choice. Teachers, classroom aids, school psychologists, and many other positions are needed across the country. Many teaching positions also offer great benefits as well. If you are passionate about a subject and want to help others understand and appreciate these concepts, teaching may be a great career choice. Some students choose to continue through graduate school with the goal of becoming college professors. If you enjoy being in a classroom and working with students, the education field can be an extremely rewarding career path.

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