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Is Homeschooling Right For You? [Infographic]

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Home schooling is a popular choice for parents who feel traditional school isn’t an ideal fit for their children or family’s lifestyle. Parents may choose to homeschool their kids for both personal and practical reasons. Is homeschooling right for you? Here are some reasons parents choose to homeschool their kids.

School environment. There’s a variety of reasons parents and students may not feel satisfied with the traditional public or private school options available to them. For example, specific programs or teaching styles that are a great fit for your child may not be offered in your area. Other parents homeschool to avoid potential issues that come with a large school environment with many students in a shared space – bullying or peer pressure, for example.

Type of community. Some families may choose to homeschool simply because of their geographic surroundings. In rural areas, for instance, the commute to school may not be feasible – especially in regions with harsh weather conditions. For these families, home schooling can be an excellent alternative.

Learning style. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, all students learn differently. Some students are visual learners, others learn by listening, and others learn best with hands-on (tactile) methods. In a homeschooled environment, you can cater the instructional methods to best fit your child’s learning style.

Control over curriculum. Many families have specific curriculum they want to include in their child’s education, sometimes due to cultural or religious reasons. Other families may feel like the core curriculum offered by local schools isn’t in alignment with their child’s needs and goals. Homeschooling allows you to have more control over the specific curriculum being taught to your child.

Special considerations. Students with learning disabilities or medical conditions may prefer a homeschool environment. If your student requires specialized care or needs additional resources to learn effectively, homeschooling can be an excellent option.

Desire to travel. If your family has a desire to travel or your job requires you to go on trips or relocate often, homeschooling can be a good choice. Switching schools frequently may be difficult on students, and homeschooling programs can provide a more consistent academic experience for children in these situations. Homeschool arrangements aren’t uncommon in military families where one or both parents are required to relocate if given notice.

Unique circumstances. Sometimes families and students have unique circumstances that make homeschooling the best option for their needs. For example, young athletes may have a strict training regimen that makes traditional schooling impractical. Students in the entertainment industry (child actors, for example) can also benefit from homeschooling in situations where career opportunities can conflict with standard school schedules.

If you do choose to homeschool your kids, we also recommend involving your children in extracurricular activities (clubs, sports, community groups, etc.). A potential downside of homeschooling is the decrease in social interaction with other students that helps to build valuable interpersonal skills. As a result, making sure homeschooled children have alternative resources to socialize with other kids should always be a priority.

If you’re interested in homeschooling, check out the tips below to get started:


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