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Gift Ideas to Show Your Teachers Some Love During Teacher Appreciation Week

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Teacher Appreciation Week starts on May 6! This is a great time to show teachers how much we value their contributions to society. Teachers work incredibly hard to mold young minds, and unlike many jobs, their responsibilities don't always end when they get off work. Between lesson plans, grading assignments, and parent outreach, teachers dedicate a huge chunk of their “off” time towards their students. At Tutor Doctor, we think it's a great idea to let our teachers know just how much we appreciate what they do (check out this list of 5 educators that changed the world to see just how important our teachers are).

Here are some great gift ideas to show your teachers some love during Teacher Appreciation Week!

1) Gift cards to retail supply stores. Did you know that most teachers spend their own money on classroom and school supplies? Unfortunately, it's true. According to a survey from the National Center for Education Statistics, a whopping 94 percent of public school teachers in the United States reported paying for supplies without reimbursement throughout the school year, with an average cost of $479. Interestingly enough, these figures were the same regardless of the area – cities, suburbs, low/high income, etc. When it comes down to it, teachers everywhere are just sort of “expected” to buy supplies out of pocket. You can help offset these costs with a gift card! Any large retail store will work fine, and your teacher will very much appreciate the gesture.

2) Treats you know they will like. Does your teacher come in every morning sipping on a hot beverage from their favorite coffeehouse? A travel mug or a gift card would be a great idea! We all know our teachers have certain preferences and foods they enjoy. Small items (dried foods, mugs, desk trinkets) are all great options for gifts. Check out our list of recommended small gist and gift cards!

3) Write a letter. When it comes down to it, a personal note to your teacher will mean more than anything you can buy them. Even if it's just a couple of paragraphs letting them know what you've enjoyed or found interesting in their class, this is a great way to show your teacher you genuinely appreciate them. Teachers have chosen to be educators because of the rewarding experience it offers, and they very much appreciate kind comments and thanks from students.

What not to buy? Just for fun, here are a few things we recommend avoiding when considering gift ideas:

  • Anything expensive. Don't give your teachers pricey items (MP3 players, for example). It's a conflict of interest, and your teacher will be uncomfortable accepting such a big-ticket item from a student.
  • Clothing. Don't buy your teacher sweaters, apparel, or accessories. It's too personal of a gift. This is one of those situations where a gift card would be a much better option.
  • Prepared food. Although it's nice to want to bring your teacher lunch, everyone has different dietary restrictions and food preferences. If you want to get your teacher a treat, we'd recommend buying a pre-packaged item that you already know they enjoy.

For more great gift ideas, be sure to check out our video!

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