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Benefits of Introducing Online Tutoring Into Your Tutoring Sessions

In today's day and age, technology has monumentally changed the way we approach educational instruction. As an addendum to tutoring, online resources and instruction can be a valuable addition to any academic routine. Although nothing can ever fully replace the connection of face-to-face tutoring in person, online sessions are still a great option to consider adding to your child's tutoring program. Here are some benefits of introducing online tutoring into your tutoring sessions!

1) Sessions are easy to review. One of the great things about Tutor Doctor's online tutoring programs is that every online session is recorded so that students can review it later. This can be very valuable during the instructional process, as students have the opportunity to devote their full attention on absorbing the material and not having to take notes at the same time. For more complex areas of study, having a “carbon copy” of a session is an incredibly valuable tool, especially for older students pursuing STEM subjects.

2) It's a great way to get extra practice. Sometimes students may want an extra session before an upcoming exam, or need to review certain areas that weren't fully clear. Sometimes it can be hard to coordinate in-person meetups, so online tutoring is a great solution for these last-minute study sessions!

3) Convenience. We all have busy schedules, and it's not always easy to find a consistent time slot to dedicate towards tutoring sessions. Online tutoring naturally gives us more options in terms of timing flexibility and duration of sessions. Many students benefit from having one or two “mini” online sessions throughout the week in addition to their regular in-person tutoring schedule.

4) No more interruptions! Life happens. Between weather, accidents, and family obligations, sometimes the “regular time” just isn't going to work. Online tutoring is a great way to ensure your student never misses a session, and won't start to fall behind. Educational instruction through technology is an invaluable tool to deal with life's unpredictability.

5) Ease of information-sharing. The internet is filled with great academic resources. From helpful instructional videos to practice problems, online resources can be indispensable when preparing for larger assignments or tests. Online sessions make link-sharing easy, and interactive content is easier to collaborate on. As we've discussed before, students have varying learning styles (visual, auditory, tactile). Online resources allow us to get a lot more creative when accommodating to the individual learning styles of each student!

As we said earlier, face-to-face tutoring has many benefits that simply cannot be replicated in a digital environment. However, online resources are still a great way to squeeze in extra practice and review sessions – especially when schedules are hectic! At Tutor Doctor, we recommend online tutoring as an addendum to traditional in-home and online instruction. Although there's a certain level of student-teacher interaction that is only possible through in-person methods, online tutoring is a fantastic way to ensure your student has access to all the additional resources that will help them to succeed.

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