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8 Fun Family Activities for the Summer

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With summer just around the corner, we’d like to share some fun family activities you can try out! We know how important quality family time is for kids, and summer is a great time to catch up, unwind, and spend time with your family. There are plenty of group activities that are even more fun when spent with loved ones, so from all of us here at Tutor Doctor – we hope everyone has a great summer vacation!

1. Go on a family hike!

Hiking is excellent way to get exercise – and getting in touch with nature is always a good thing! Hiking trails come in all shapes, sizes, and difficulties, so there’s plenty of options out there if you prefer a more “mild” family trek. Don’t forget the bug spray!

2. Watch or participate in sports.

Going to a game, munching on delicious stadium snacks, and rooting for your favorite team is always a blast! If you are the athletic type, participating in team sports can also be a great family bonding experience as well. When one family member has a game, it’s always fun to attend and cheer them on!

3. Go swimming!

In general, the weather tends gets warmer during the summer. Sometimes there’s no better feeling than jumping into a cold pool on a hot day! If you don’t own a pool, most areas have community pools that are open to the public. A family trip to the water park also never fails to disappoint – assuming you live close enough to one!

4. Plan a beach day.

If you prefer sand and waves over diving boards and water slides, then the beach is for you! The beach has something to offer for everyone – whether you like to surf, play in the waves, or just set up a towel and read a book, a beach day is always a relaxing family outing. Make sure you bring sunscreen!

5. Organize a barbeque.

Food brings people together, and a family barbeque is no exception! Cooking over an open flame creates an unmistakable aroma, and many people associate the smell of a grill with summer time. There’s just something about having a big family barbeque and eating home-cooked food that we associate with fun summers – and there’s nothing wrong with that!

6. Stargaze!

The weather is often much clearer during the summer, and as a result the night sky becomes more visible. Stargazing is a great family activity and trying together to point out the different constellations is a lot of fun. There’s also an annual meteor shower than happens every summer (between July and August) called The Perseids – we definitely recommend checking it out!

7. Go camping.

Camping is a classic family activity, and for good reason. Setting up a tent, building a campfire, and being surrounded by nature is a wonderful way to create lasting family memories. And don’t forget the delicious s’mores’!

8. Prepare for the next school year.

As we’ve touched on in previous blogs, it’s very easy to get rusty during the summer months when it comes to academics. Your family is a great resource! Whether it’s something as simple as making flashcards or helping on a big summer project, your family will undoubtedly be there to support you. It’s always good to do maintenance on what we’ve learned, and summer is a great time to review concepts that may have gotten fuzzy.

Have a fantastic summer and try to stay cool!

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