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It's Time to Get Ready For Going Back to School

Yes, it's that time of year! There's no need to get upset about it, though. In fact, instead of worrying about school, let's see if we can change your child's attitude about school entirely!

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  • 5 Great Apps for Students With Special Needs

    Young people with special needs face special challenges in tackling their schoolwork. Luckily, our digital age presents new help in the form of advanced apps for web browsers and mobile devices, and here we list five of the best.

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  • Towards a Better Understanding: PTSD

    Unfortunately, young people sometimes have traumatic experiences. The result may be PTSD, a condition in which the brain is locked into a kind of "survival mode," forcing the sufferer to feel like they're stuck in the original trauma. We'll take a look at PTSD and how to tackle it.

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  • Unusual High School Sports Around the World

    Football, basketball, baseball, wrestling ... high school is full of sports that seem pretty standard to most of us. But in many countries, other options are available that might surprise you!

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  • Sign Up For a Summer Reading Challenge!

    The benefits to young people of recreational reading are many and well-known, but it can be hard to spark enthusiasm for reading in our kids. One great technique is to sign them up for a summer reading challenge. With our carefully curated reading list, your kid will be reading in no time!

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