Family Activities During the Holidays

Family Activities During the Holidays

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are around the corner, and it will soon be a new year! Although it can be tempting to spend vacations sleeping in every day, you might want to try some of these cool family activities to keep you (and your loved ones) active and entertained during this holiday season!

As we’ve touched on in previous blogs, volunteer work is not only a great way to bond with your family, but also does wonders for your personal health. It’s a rewarding feeling to know your actions have directly helped another in need, and volunteering can be a wonderful family group activity. During the holidays, many volunteer organizations run themed events – for example, gift wrapping for donated toys that will go to less fortunate children. There’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit than giving to others!

Family traditions
Every family is different, but the feeling of enjoyment that comes from spending time with your family and continuing holiday traditions is universal! Whether you like to decorate with lights, pick out a tree, or scavenge for gelt – participating in family traditions are a great reminder of what makes the holidays so special to us: being around the people we love! If you don’t have a tradition, no problem – make one! Creating a new tradition is a ton of fun, and you can look forward to it again next year.

Watch a movie or play a game
Got a family movie or board game you’ve been putting off watching or playing? There’s no better time than the holiday season! If you and your family have some time off, it can be a lot of fun to marathon movies or partake in gaming activities together. Team-based games, like Pictionary or Charades, can be especially entertaining!

Cook some food
Regardless of your background or culture, eating delicious food around the holidays is a tradition everyone can get behind! Cooking and baking are fun activities to do with friends and family members, but the best part is seeing the reactions on people’s faces when they try your culinary creations. Many holiday sweet treats are great for family activities – try setting up a cookie decoration station and let your imagination run wild.

Go shopping or make a gift
Gift-giving is part of the holidays, and the feeling we get from giving a present to a loved one is truly something special. Some families like to go to a mall or store and “split up” so everyone can surprise each other with gifts. Or, if you have siblings, try teaming up to think of a great gift for mom or dad! Most importantly, keep in mind that the old saying “it’s the thought that counts” is still very true – it’s not about how expensive a gift is, but rather the effort and thought that went into it. Sometimes a handmade gift means more than anything that can be bought in a store.

During this cheerful time of year, we hope you enjoy spending time with your loved ones. From all of us here at Tutor Doctor, we sincerely wish you a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season!

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