Tutor Doctor Announces Finalists for Tutor of the Year!

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Every year, Tutor Doctor recognizes the very best among the many thousands of tutors we employ worldwide. Being named Tutor of the Year is an honor given to those who display extraordinary dedication, passion and sacrifice -- those who go the extra mile for their students. This year we received over 450 nominations from 10 countries and through public voting narrowed that down to our 5 finalists. And so, without further ado, let’s meet this year’s finalists!


Sara Wade, Florida, USA

Sara is someone who makes an immediate impression. She exudes professionalism and empathy, leaving parents in no doubt that she cares deeply about her work and her students. She has especially won praise from parents of students with learning exceptionalities, helping them find a course of learning full of possibilities where previously there had been so much stress.

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Lara Fincken, Reading, UK

Lara is a gifted tutor who has consistently delivered amazing results. Perhaps more importantly, however, is the kind of student with whom she finds the greatest success. Students living in poverty, or who have survived trauma and abuse often face severe struggles in school, but Lara has the experience required to help these kids. “In my play therapy work I aim to support children in their emotional journey to help them access their education more readily.” Her many successes speak for themselves.

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Cami Smith, Florida, USA

Love. That is the word that kept coming up when parents talked about Cami. The day-to-day work of a tutor demands a lot from all our professionals, but Cami brings something extra to the table. Her students immediately feel the kind of powerful connection that one only experiences when one is under the care of someone who truly cares. Said one parent, “I am very thankful for Tutor Dr. and especially proud to call Cami our friend. I give the highest marks to both Tutor Doctor and our Cami. She is much more than just a tutor.”

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Diana Tran, Ontario, Canada

Diana’s students -- and the parents of those students -- know full well how dedicated Diana is to helping them achieve new levels of academic success. Her tireless efforts have earned her great praise. Indeed she has earned strong support and an impressive reputation throughout her local community. The area where Diana lives has a great many immigrants whose children often struggle to adjust to a new school, a new culture and a new language. She has shown a particular talent for helping these families overcome these difficulties -- a task requiring a level of patience and devotion that can be overwhelming.

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Tammy Turner, Texas, USA

Tammy works hard for her students, earning praise from grateful students and parents. Being a tutor can indeed be hard work. When Tammy is assigned to a student, it’s probably because that student is struggling. This can mean reduced academic performance but it almost always means stress, fear and lowered self-esteem. In these conditions, it takes a tutor who is calm, caring and professional to help that student turn struggle into success, and insecurity into confidence. Tammy fully embodies all these skills and values.

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