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Preparing your child for a future career

While a youngster is still in school, the emphasis is normally on getting through school -- but beyond school looms the prospect of major career choices. It's never too early, in other words, to start preparing for that day.

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  • Professional Development: An untapped market?

    Professional Development (PD) is a huge part of the educational calendar, and accounts for billions of dollars in spending. But according to a new study, much of it is a wasted effort that doesn't benefit teachers. Could there be a business opportunity for skilled teachers and trainers wishing to perform a public service?

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  • Remembering Roald Dahl

    On the birthday of the great author Roald Dahl, we take a look at the man and his work, and the message he had for his readers.

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  • Learning to work with Common Core

    Common Core is a topic guaranteed to spark passionate debate. But beyond the discussion about Common Core is the question of how it actually works -- and how to adjust to it.

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