Teen Girls Challenge the Boundaries of Science

Teen Girls Challenge the Boundaries of Science

In celebration of women’s history month and international Women’s day, we are looking at all the things that girls are doing right. When girls are supported, encouraged and educated, there is no limit to the wonders they can achieve. Let’s take a look at some up-and-coming scientists and their innovative achievements.

Ciara Judge

This plucky eighteen-year-old is tackling the world food crisis with her innovative research. Her prize-winning discovery that a natural bacteria called Diazotroph increases cereal crop growth by 74% is an outstanding achievement. With this extensive increase in crop growth, Ciara believes that her discovery could do much to relieve the global food crises.

Ann Makosinski

This Canadian teen recently took home a $50,000 prize for her discoveries with body-heat generated power. When she was 15, Ann invented the batter-free flashlight which generated its own electricity. It did this by using the heat from the palm of your hand. She adapted the flashlight to create a headlamp that would work for emergency crews and camping.

She has also invented the E-Drink; a coffee mug that powers your electronic devices. The mug utilizes the heat from your daily cup of java to create energy that will charge your devices through a USB port.

Olivia Hallisey

This 17-year-old won the 2015 Google Science Fair award for her ground-breaking Ebola test. This incredible diagnostics test is able to detect the virus in about 30 minutes even when the patient exhibits no symptoms.

Alexis Lewis

This 15-year-old inventor from Chapel Hill, North Carolina already has a string of inventions to her name. She invented a wheeled travois which is a used to carry heavy loads. This triangular bamboo frame has a bed of netting that is cheap and easy to construct. She invented the travois to help Somali refugees who have to carry their belongings and children for many miles to refugee camps and medical care centers.

She has also invented an emergency mask pod which is a football-shaped canister that contains a mask and other protective gear. When people are trapped inside a burning building, first responders can throw the canister through a window to victims so that they can reduce smoke inhalation until an emergency crew can reach them.

Alissa Chavez

The hot seat is an incredible invention created to keep babies safe. This device alerts parents and passers-by when a baby has been left in a car seat. The device includes a pad in the baby’s car seat which senses when the child is in the seat. This pad communicates with a fob on the parent’s keychain. When the fob is too far away from the car seat, it triggers an alarm on the fob, on the parent’s cell phones and on the car itself so that the baby can be rescued by passers by if something happens to the parents.

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