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Volunteering: just a normal part of life

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Staff members at Tutor Doctor were recently discussing the charitable activities being performed by a few of the education consultants. One of the charities being discussed was the Vocational Rehabilitation Program, which helps veterans of the US military with counseling and job training as they transition from military life to the civilian job market. Another conversation was happening around the sponsorship of an annual academic challenge for Latino and African-American youngsters, awarding some of the best and brightest members of communities who are often overlooked by society.

There will always be a wide range of attitudes and beliefs between educators, which is common in any group of people. However, donating time and resources has always been a part of life among people who teach, train or tutor for a living and the vast majority of it happens beneath the radar. Surprisingly, hard statistics on volunteerism among teachers and tutors are hard to come by. However, surveying consistently suggests that the vast majority of teachers help their students off the clock, which most certainly applies to the Tutor Doctor network as well.

A question then arises: Why go to all the effort of putting in extra hours during a week that is, typically, very full to begin with?

The answer is simple: heart. Working as a math tutor, helping someone prep for a big test, such as the ACT or SAT, or providing any of the other services offered by Tutor Doctor requires more than just skill and hard work. Tutoring requires heart as you have to care about what you’re doing in order to succeed.

Achieving excellence in a student’s life often means overcoming a variety of challenges, working to instill confidence, and displaying infinite patience and dedication. In order to succeed in the world of education, you have to care and have passion for your work; this isn’t pushing papers in an office, it’s working one-to-one with human beings - you have to have heart to do it well.

Passion is an extremely important aspect of life and work but unfortunately, it’s immeasurable. However, results are evident wherever passion is present. This statement does not only apply in terms of job success, but in lifestyle as well -- for instance, when it comes to volunteering.

In the future, Tutor Doctor will take a closer look at more of these charitable initiatives and speak to those involved. Until then, let’s raise a glass to the hard work -- and full hearts -- that help learners day.

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