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News Item: Helping with homework usually backfires

Helping a student with homework seems like the most ordinary thing in the world for a parent to do. But a new study by Tutor Doctor finds that helping with homework could increase stress and anxiety.

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  • The pros and cons of taking a year to travel

    The prospect of taking a year off to travel before starting university can be very appealing. It can also be nice to think about the boosts it can give to your prospect as a college applicant or even an employee. But are these likely payoffs for a travel year? You might be surprised to know the truth.

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  • Looking at volunteering? Think big!

    There are lots of volunteering options for high schoolers, but why not consider something more daring than the usual choices? Setting up your own nonprofit can be more work, but also more rewarding -- and might benefit you in ways you haven't considered!

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  • Is something up with the ACT exam?

    Social media is buzzing with accusations that the ACT exam has become crooked. Claims of lower-than-expected essay scores have students fuming. But don't worry, the exam is just fine. Here's why.

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