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Getting ready for a new school year

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Is it back to school time already? Yes it is! But while a lot of people tend to focus on things like school clothes and school supplies, there are some other steps you can take to help ensure a happy and productive school year.


1. Set up a calendar

Really, get organized. Your school will probably have a schedule online that’s full of important dates ranging from days off to assemblies. And your teachers will almost certainly have calendars for your courses, listing assignments, tests and more. It will take some work, but try to put all of it onto a single calendar. Doing it on paper, maybe on a whiteboard, offers the advantage of letting you see an entire semester, or even a whole year, at a single glance; a digital version, such as Google Calendars, would let you access it remotely and on your phone (and you’ll be able to share it with parents and tutors). It can be intimidating to see all that work stretching out ahead of you, but if you make it, then pay attention and make the most of it, you’ll be able to stay on top of your schoolwork, and thereby reduce your stress.


2. Think about your health

If you don’t look after your health, your grades will suffer. So try putting together a simple list of things to do that will keep you as fit as possible. It can be as simple as a daily or weekly checklist that includes things like a bit of exercise, eating some fruit, having a smoothie once a week, going for a walk or run -- healthy stuff like that. Don’t make it too intense or it will add to your stress levels. Just make sure you don’t let yourself slide into an unhealthy lifestyle.


3. Get a hobby

Yes, school will keep you plenty busy, but you should still try to find time for something you love, something that’s 100% your choice. There are so many activities out there! From filmmaking to painting to geocaching to long-distance running -- not to mention old-fashioned things like reading and writing. Don’t let it get hectic and stressful, but try to find something positive you can do when things get anxious.

4. Come up with a stress management plan

Stress is a huge problem among students, especially as they approach their university applications. Fulfilling all your duties at home and at school (not to mention socially) can trigger stress and anxiety. Everyone experiences stress differently -- how does it hit you? What are your personal stress reactions? It’s important to learn how you handle stress. Watch out for unhealthy behavior and physical side-effects, and be ready to give yourself the care and attention you need. Try especially to figure out what eases your stress. You might be surprised how simple it can be -- even the simple act of taking a walk, or lying in bed listening to music with your eyes closed, can bring you some peace. It’s also important to talk to people about your stress. Teachers, parents, tutors, all can help you. Don’t suffer alone!

However you prepare for school, we at Tutor Doctor wish you all the success in the world. Go get ‘em!

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