Better Grades by Christmas: 4 Ways you can Help

Better Grades by Christmas: 4 Ways you can Help

Is your child struggling? The longer they flounder, the further behind they will get. When students are falling behind, every passing week compounds their problems, erodes their confidence and makes success seem like an impossible dream. Whether you want your child to catch up and keep up or you want your child to get ahead of the class, there are ways you can help improve grades right now.

Get in the Game

When parents are involved in their student’s lives, they are able to better provide the support their children need. Start by talking with your child’s teachers; get to know them and get their advice on how best to help your child. They have insights that are essential to moving your child to a successful future.

Take a Step Back

For many parents, bad grades have created emotional tension between family members and when they try to encourage their children or help with homework, it results in a fight. This is completely understandable as parents want what is best for their children and emotions run high. If this is the case, it may be time to step back and get an in-home tutor or family friend to help with homework in a more constructive way.

Get Organized

Most students are smart but scattered; they have the potential to succeed, but they forget homework and assignments, have trouble initiating tasks and staying focused and don’t leave enough time for studying. It can be very frustrating for parents until you realize that these skills aren’t innate, they are learned.

Start implementing routines that show your child how to be more organized. Set times for homework where they are free from distraction. Limit screen and social time and help them to plan their days effectively. Ensure that homework and assignments are done and packed the night before rather than running around before school.

Tutor Doctor’s X-skills program teaches these executive skills as part of their one-on-one tutoring program. Every student gets an academic plan which helps them to set realistic goals and create a roadmap to reach them. Tutors spend part of each session going over the upcoming assignments and teaching students how to manage time and plan ahead. Tutor Doctor tutors work with the curriculum and help your children to do their homework so that this is not a daily struggle for you.

Find their Learning Style

Each child is a unique learner who grasps information better when it is presented in a learning style that suits them. Ask your in-home tutor or teacher to help find your child’s learning style. You will see that when you present information, ideas and concepts to them in their learning style, they understand faster and retain information for longer. You can also teach them to convert new information into their learning style so that it is more accessible to them. For example; if a visual learner takes a paragraph of facts from a history text book and creates a mind map, they will be more likely to understand and retain that information.

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