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Super Summer Holiday Activities to Fend Off Boredom

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What two words have the power to strike fear into the hearts of parents the world over? Summer Vacation. One way both you and your family can enjoy all the time your kids will spend at home is to have a roster of planned activities that will keep them active mentally and physically and keep the dreaded; “I’m bored!” at bay.

Movers and Shakers

We all know that exercise is essential for healthy bodies and brains, so plan trips to the park, get them to join a sports club, go swimming at the local pool or the beach, take long walks and fun hikes which all make for a happy, healthy summer.

Studies show that there is a direct correlation with the time children spend in nature and the amount of time they spend outdoors as adults. The appreciation of nature is a wonderful gift to give your children, so plan trips to national parks, beaches, rivers and parks near you.

Hiking and camping are great ways to spend time as a family, even if you are just camping in your back yard. That way your child can learn to make a fire, identify local wildlife and spot their favorite birds.

Another way to keep your child busy and foster a love of nature is through gardening. Kids are more likely to eat vegetables they have grown themselves or they may enjoy growing flowers or creating topiary.


Volunteering doesn’t have to be boring; your kids can pick a charity that supports their interests and spend some time giving to others and the community they live in. Do they love animals? The local animal shelter is sure to have a volunteer program that they can participate in. If they love nature they may want to join a local clean-up day to remove litter from local eco-systems.

Students can also spend their vacations raising funds for charities that they really like by doing activities they enjoy.

Arts and Crafts

You don’t have to buy a glue gun and get ready for a glitter onslaught. You can get your kids a camera and encourage them to take some courses (community colleges and online courses are free) to learn more about photography. They will enjoy spending time shooting pictures and experimenting with their new-found skill.

You can encourage your kids to learn something new over the summer like a musical instrument, or hip hop dancing, or riding a skateboard, hula hooping or ballet. These kinds of skills promote healthy development and create a well-rounded individual.

Love your Library

Check online or at your local branch for summer holiday activities that you can enjoy (usually for free). It is also a great idea to encourage your kids to read over the holidays so as to keep those keen minds razor sharp.

Catching Up

Report card could be better? Use the summer holidays to help your child to catch up and keep up. Get an in-home and online tutor for just a couple of hours a week. Their personal one-to-one attention will help to fill in any missing building blocks in your child’s knowledge base and they can teach the requisite skills they need to be better learners.

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