6 Reasons Why Summer Camp is a Great Idea

6 Reasons Why Summer Camp is a Great Idea

If you are doing the ‘should we, shouldn’t we?’ dance around the idea of sending your child to summer camp, here are a few things to consider. Summer camps can be a wonderful growth opportunity for your children where they can acquire new talents, develop their social skills and have a more meaningful experience.

Get Skills!

From mastering a musical instrument, to developing academic skills or learning a new language, there is a camp for just about everything. If you feel your child is lacking in a specific area, or you want to hone their already exceptional skills, you can find a summer camp that will help them to develop while having a whole bunch of fun.

Kids, Meet Mother Nature

It may be difficult for you to instill a love of nature in your child when you aren’t a nature lover yourself or if you live in a city. However, fostering a love of natural places, studies show, increases their happiness. It will also develop a more eco-friendly outlook and all that fresh air and sunshine is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Get moving!

Most kids don’t move enough, especially with the lure of screen time and TV, sleeping late and all the other sedentary activities that time off offers. Going to summer camp will give your kids the opportunity to get active and get outdoors with tons of fun activities. Pick a camp that emphasizes play and provides healthy, balanced meals.

Being more independent

Learning to do things on their own, gaining independence and bolstering confidence are all consequences of a positive summer camp experience. Not only do your kids learn to be more mature, but you get a chance to rest and recharge in preparation for another academic year.

Making new friends

Without parents and teachers around, children will be faced with a number of new social situations and personalities which they must navigate on their own. This is wonderful preparation for their future and can really help them to feel more mature and independent. They will also make new friends and meet people from a variety of social circles which can help to broaden their horizons.

Learning responsibility

It can be difficult to instill a sense of responsibility in your kids; after all you are always there to find lost sports gear, to help with assignments at the last minute and to show them how to navigate the difficulties they experience socially. But what may be best for your children is to learn to take responsibility for their actions; a vital first step in thinking of consequences and regulating their own behavior. At summer camp, they need to take care of their own gear, work together as a team and take responsibility for their social interactions which can be a very valuable confidence-building exercise.

Of course, not all summer camps are created equally, so make sure to include your child in the selection process so that they end up at a camp that suits their personality and needs. Ask other parents, tutors and teachers for recommendations and research online to find the best options.

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