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What Parents Should Know about the Summer Slide

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Over the summer students experience a loss of the academic gains they made over the previous year called the summer slide. Our brains really are like muscles, and when we don’t exercise them, they tend to lose their form. Math formulas are forgotten, new vocabulary lost and the summer slide puts students a little further back each year.

What The Studies Show

A recent report from the National Summer Learning Association has this to say about summer academic loss: “A conservative estimate of lost instructional time is approximately two months or roughly 22 percent of the school year.” While a certain amount of loss happens in all academic abilities, it seems to be most pronounced with math and reading abilities.

Better Learning Means a Better Life

You don’t need to get your kids learning every day over the summer to maintain their academic levels or even move them ahead of the class. Just a couple of hours a week is all they need. Find a one-to-one tutor who will work to their individual learning style and help them fill in the missing building blocks.

The summer is also the perfect time to help your student to brush up on their executive skills. These are the organizational and study skills they need to be exceptional independent learners. Skills like task prioritization, organization and time management will mean that your student has the requisite skill set they need to work on their own next semester.

Tutor Doctor Is Different

The tutoring is convenient, comfortable, one-to-one and personalized to your child’s needs. We come to you, wherever you are, at a time that is convenient to you. In the comfort of your home, we provide individualized training and give your child the caring and confidence that they need to succeed.

Everyone Can Learn With The Right Approach

We have a comprehensive, collaborative approach to learning and work together with your family and teachers to identify the right learning strategies and find the perfect tutors.

Better Learning, Better Life

Your education consultant and tutor have your student’s best interests at heart. We listen, understand, and build an educational support team and personalized coaching plan to help your student become an academic champion for life.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

Whether your student’s needs are immediate – like passing the next exam—or long term, we build a tailor-made plan that gets results. We start with an in-depth assessment, then match the right tutor to your student to help your family improve the present and make the future possible.

The Tutors We Work With

At Tutor Doctor, we provide your children with affordable, professional academic coaching in the comfort of your own home. The tutors we work with undergo a rigorous selection process so we know that they are qualified, well-matched and passionate about really supporting families and helping your students to succeed. With a dedicated coach and a supportive academic team, every student can succeed.

With our Summer Success Program, your children can really get a head start on the coming semester so that they can bring their A-game. Our one-to-one tutoring style delivers results. In fact, 95% of our customers would recommend us to their friends and family.

Contact us to learn more about our summer programs!

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