Best Apps for Game-Based Learning

Best Apps for Game-Based Learning
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What’s the best way to get your kids excited about learning? Turn it into a game. With more and more technology available, you can download apps that will have your kids learning without even realizing it. Over the summer holidays, kids can lose up to 30% of the academic gains they made in the previous year. Put an end to the summer slide by encouraging learning through play with these incredible apps.

Gen i Revolution: Teach personal finance to middle and high school students with this fun app. The players will be faced with sixteen missions to help people in financial trouble. With Gen i Revolution, earning is learning as they select their operatives, earn points as they gather information and complete tasks which teach them about general finance, financial concepts and terminology. We all know just how difficult spelling can be, but a spelling mistake on a CV or job application letter or on a college entrance exam could mean a missed opportunity for your child. Not only will this be a great life skill to learn, but being able to effectively communicate ideas and concepts with a healthy vocabulary will help your child to excel on exams and tests. With over 50,000 words and 60,000 sentences, offers K-12 students a fun way to learn to spell while improving their vocabulary.

Duolingo: Learning a foreign language? Duolingo was voted best Apple app in 2013 and will help your child to memorize words in a foreign language. You can also lean on other language apps to help your child master a second language. Some of the better ones include MindSnacks, Babbel and Cat Academy for all those LOL cat fans out there.

Galxyz: This great app helps kids to master basic scientific concepts and scientific reasoning. This app follows school curriculums to augment what students learn in class in a fun and engaging way. On a quest to save the natural curiosity of children from the evil King Dullard, students are taken through the Next Generation Scientific Standard in the proper sequence as outlined by the US government.

Cosmic Reactor Arithmetic: A fun game for both parents and kids who want to hone their math skills. With seven different games and variable difficulty, you can set the parameters to fit your child’s abilities and grade. Best for students aged 5-12. You can also turn to Math Ninja or Mathemagics to practice your math skills while learning basic principles.

Tutor Doctor also works to prevent the summer slide and keep young minds active over the summer with the Academic Game Plan. Here students can take just a couple of hours a week to catch up and forge ahead while having fun. Contact your local tutor Doctor office for a free consultation.

This summer, you can use screen time constructively to keep your kids learning and growing while they are having fun. Remember to limit screen time and set a timer with a shut-off so you don’t always have to be the bad guy.

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