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Tutors: How Every Student Can Benefit

While poor test scores and bad grades are obvious indicators that your student needs help, there are many other instances in which a tutor can really help your child to learn the skills they need to be confident, independent, successful learners.

The most important factor in determining whether your student could benefit from a tutor is communication; speak with them about the kinds of help a tutor can offer and speak with your child’s teacher too.

Building Confidence

Not being top of the class can cause students to feel less confident. This, in turn, could seriously affect their performance in class. When students lack confidence, they tend not to ask or answer questions in class. The teacher may overlook quieter students and they won’t participate in class and group activities with as much enthusiasm which will affect their academic performance over time.

Executive Skills

More than other assets like intelligence and talent, executive skills determine the success of a student. The ability to organize time, prioritize tasks and memorize data is key to academic performance. If you know that your child is smart, but they don’t study, have trouble focusing, often don’t hand in work or fail to study for exams, they may need some help with their executive skills.

Teaching executive skills early on will ensure that they are able to handle their workload in later grades and at college. While they should get some training in executive skills at school, large class sizes mean teachers just don’t have time to teach these skills.

A one-to-one tutor who specializes in executive skills can help your child to organize their time and carefully plan so that they leave enough time to complete assignments and study for exams. Learning to focus and acquiring memorizing skills will also help to minimize time spent studying.

Honing these skills should reduce the daily homework hassles and frantic morning searches for lost homework or anxiety over forgotten assignments.

Academic Foundations

Each student will have gaps in their academic foundations which get compounded as they move through their school careers. Each new grade builds on the last and teachers don’t have the time to go back and explain work that has already been covered. When your child gets one-to-one tutoring, their tutor is able to start at the beginning and work through the academic foundations to find gaps and fill them.

Better Grades

Students with great grades need tutors too, especially if they have schools, scholarships or programs they want to qualify for. If you have a talented student that has started to struggle, chances are they are just bored. When gifted students get bored, they tend to stop paying attention in class and don’t work as hard because they aren’t challenged. When this happens, their grades suffer and they may miss important opportunities.

Whether your child is bored or they want to turn their A into an A+, you can trust a one-to-one tutor to help them to excel. Your tutor can work with teachers to find extra, more challenging work for your child to take on.

Pic by the US Department of Education