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Should your Kids Go to Summer Camp?

Summer is just around the corner and many parents are pondering the merits of camp. Summer camps can be a really great opportunity for your students to learn new skills, make new friends and develop social skills. When you select the right camp, you can help them to grow and have a really rewarding and meaningful experience. Here are five good reasons to send your kids to summer camp.

Get moving!

Being outdoors, exercising and having fun at camp is a great way to get your kids moving this summer. It also helps to instill a love of nature and reinforces the idea that exercise is enjoyable. Ensure that you pick a camp that emphasizes play and provides healthy, balanced meals. This will help your students to learn more about nutrition while developing healthy eating habits. Since most students have to make their own meal choices during the day, it helps to make healthy eating a part of their daily routine.

Getting to know Mother Nature

Developing a love for natural places and a respect for the earth is a difficult notion to instill in students who live mostly in urban environments. Teaching your children to love nature will not only greatly contribute to their future happiness, it will also encourage them to live a greener life and opt for a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Both students and parents will enjoy a little time apart for the holidays. Children get a chance to be independent while parents get an opportunity to regroup and rest before the coming academic year. When students spend time away from home, they gain confidence and learn to handle any situation on their own. Summer camp also helps students to learn about the home lives of people outside of their social circle and can instill an appreciation for all that they have to be grateful for and a better understanding of the integral role their parents play.

Social connections

Summer camp exposes your children to a number of different personalities and social situations which they must navigate independently. This is a great way to develop social skills and help them to learn to get along with others; a skill which will help them to fit in at school and at their places of work in the future. They will also form new friendships with other students outside of their current circle of friends.

Taking Responsibility

Without the parental guidance they are accustomed to, your children will have to take responsibility for every aspect of their lives. They will be responsible for their own rooms and gear, for navigating new social situations and for making their own decisions. This will help them to develop confidence, a sense of responsibility and decision-making skills. They get the opportunity to show leaderships skills and develop their social skills.

Summer camp can be a really fun and exciting way for your students to spend a couple of weeks this vacation. It can give you the chance to plan the coming year while they learn new skills and make new friends.

pic by Peter Blanchard