College Preparation Guide for Seniors

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If you are entering into your last year at school this year, there is so much you can do to help expedite your preparation for college. From taking extra courses over the summer to brushing up on your reading, there are ways in which you can improve your grade point average, work on improving the strength of your college application and get ready for the biggest academic change in your career.

Set your goals

This summer, take some time to decide what you want from your senior year. Knowing where you going will make it easier to plan the year ahead. If you intend to go to university or college, sit down with your parents and discuss practicalities; how much can you spend on tuition, which schools offer courses you want to take, where do you want to go to school etc. Now download course requirements and applications from the internet so that you know what grades you need and when you have to send in your application.

Give yourself a large list of possible schools so that you have a healthy set of choices. Don’t limit yourself to a few of the same kinds of schools. If you aren’t sure about what to study, speak with your school councilor. Do some online aptitude tests to see where your strengths lie and then investigate careers where you can use your skills.

Brush up on the extra credits

This summer holiday, do some activities that may give you an edge on your college applications. This will include charity work, internships and summer jobs. Anything that you can do that gives you some experience in the field or rounds you out as a person is a good idea.

If there are courses that you have been struggling with, get a tutor. Use your summer holiday to fill in any gaps in your skill set so you have the best possible chance of getting into the school of your choice next year.

Start learning life skills

One of the biggest hurdles for many college students is the challenge of living independently. If you’ve never used a laundromat, take a load in and try it out. Learn how to cook some of your own meals and take public transport if you haven’t before. All these experiences will help you to cope with living away from home and you will less stressed about everyday life at college.

Summer courses

There are some elective courses you can take over the summer that will beef up your college application. Ask your councilor to give you details about these courses. Some of these courses are conducted at community colleges which is a great way to get accustomed to campus life.

Take a deep breath. College is a fun and exciting time in your academic career, and while you are looking forward to it, make sure that you take time to enjoy your senior year and spend time with your friends, many of whom will be moving away soon.

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