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Posts from January, 2012

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  • Exam Stress Busters
    Exam Stress Busters

    Exam stress is caused by that annoying voice in the back of your head that says you can’t possibly pass this exam. You’re going to fail, disappoint your parents and end up living in a cardboard box on the street. You know that’s unlikely, but the pressure ...

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  • How to get the best out of tutoring
    How to get the best out of tutoring

    Every student is different. Providing a personal tutor for your child will uncover the root causes of bad grades or unfulfilled potential. Good tutors will test your child to find the missing building blocks in their education and get a sense of their ...

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  • Does class size matter?
    Does class size matter?

    Everyone knows that no matter how small your classes are, having an effective, committed teacher is by far the most important ingredient in a successful classroom. However, even the most effective teachers have their limits. As budget cuts see fewer ...

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  • Snooze or Lose
    Snooze or Lose

    We all know that young children need tons of sleep, so we enforce bed times to ensure that they get all they need to stay healthy. As children mature and they get too old for bedtime, we forget that they are still growing and need to get enough sleep if ...

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  • Let the Sunshine in
    Let the Sunshine in

    When you think of your kids and sunshine in the same sentence, do you automatically reach for the sun block, close the curtains and generally batten down the hatches? Exposure to the sun has been much maligned in recent decades and while you are acutely ...

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