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Should we homeschool this school year?

Let’s be clear about this – homeschool is NOT the same as school-at-home! If you receive materials and support including online delivery of instruction from your area school district, you are doing school-at-home. You can expect assistance from your school district and teachers. Your are funded and supported by taxes paid into your school district. You will follow their planning and requirements for grading and homework. The teacher will determine how your student is doing according to his/her assessments.

On the other hand, homeschool disconnects you from all these things. You chose the materials your student uses, you plan the lessons including how much should be covered each day, which subjects you teach and at what level of difficulty. You give and collect the assigned work for the day if you are doing that sort of homeschool. You get to decide what you want your child to learn. There is freedom to “do school” whenever and wherever you chose. There are numerous websites, support groups, co-ops, and homeschool activities available within the Quad Cities (pre-covid) to round out your child’s education and social activities.

But don’t misunderstand this - homeschool is a big decision! It requires time, organization, daily oversight, curricula selection and planning lessons. But it puts all decision in your lap. Iowa and Illinois are homeschool “friendly” states with few restrictions on how you run your homeschool. However, your child’s learning and academic growth are now fully your responsibility. Helpful resources like and the Quad Cities Homeschool Coalition on Facebook are available guides to doing it right.

There may be a time when you need additional help though. For that algebra book that you can’t explain very well. Or to add some deeper insights into your literature choices for the semester. Perhaps your student struggles with focus and organization, and help from a trained teacher would bridge the gap. Perhaps having a tutor who is not mom or dad would take some pressure off and de-stress your household.

Getting a tutor can help all of these issues which can crop up in the best homeschool situations.

If you are homeschooling, we can offer POD groups to supplement a course like biology, math or literature that would benefit from group discussion or team work. For school supplementing, we can offer enrichment PODS for additional practice and feedback with an instructor and same-grade peers. A POD group may allow opportunity for an art class or science lab. They also help reduce the cost of tutoring and still provide excellent one-on-one support.

For more information about homeschooling or POD groups, give Jill a call at 563 468-3763.